Benefits of Recycling and Re-Filtering Water

Re-Filtering Your Water

Most people are aware of recycling and the benefits it brings the environment for a wide array of materials, such as paper, plastics, and glass, but many people do not realize water can also be recycled using various methods. By recycling water, it allows it to be used for numerous purposes and extends the benefits it can provide. Just like other recycling efforts, recycled water helps extend our supplies and is eco-friendly.


How Is Water Recycled?

In some cities, water recycling is sometimes referred to as “water reclamation.” Water recycling is accomplished using special systems, depending upon the application. For instance, water passed through a closed system to help cool manufacturing equipment has not come into contact with any containments. Rather than allowing the water to cycle down the drain, it can be routed through a heat exchange system where the heat it absorbed can be released and be used to heat a building.

Another application is where waste water treatment facilities remove harmful waste and other chemicals from waste water and repurpose it for irrigating vegetation. Even though the water has been processed so it is safe for water, recycled water should never be consumed unless it has also been re-filtered and made safe for drinking.

At home, recycling water can be carried out using simple processes. For instance, when you shower, you could set a bucket inside to collect most of the water and reduce the amount that goes down the drain. You can then use this water to mop your floors, wash your car, wash your dog, or other such purposes.


In some homes, you can have a special gray water system installed, where the gray water is reclaimed and can be used to water your yard or wash your car. Gray water is water that is used for bathing, washing dishes, or doing laundry. Depending on the setup and whether you use non-toxic products, the water may or may not need to be re-filtered.

How Is Water Re-Filtered?

Re-filtering water is a process where already treated water is passed through a series of filters, like a whole home quality water softener and filtration system connected to your city’s water supply, before it is delivered to your home. On a grander scale, water re-filtration involves removing containments and other chemicals from waste water before using it for non-potable (nondrinking) purposes.

Currently, there are numerous recycling programs which promote reclaiming water for non-potable purposes. In addition, there has been the development of several recycling programs exploring the potential of recycling water for potable (drinking) purposes, like reinjecting groundwater supplies with recycled water. In fact, some of these projects have been around since the late 1970s and have been successful!

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