Understand the Benefits of Water Softeners

How much do you understand about the water softener in your home and what it does for the quality of your water? Do you really need a water softener to decrease the hardness level in your water? Is your home’s water supply even hard in the first place? While most homeowners understand why water filtration
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7 Facts About Water Softeners That Will Keep You Up At Night

Homeowners who have hard water face a number of issues as a result, including staining and discoloration on their clothing, build-up on their plumbing fixtures, shorter lifespans for appliances that use water and water that might have an off taste. When it comes to fixing hard water, one of the best ways to get the
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Did You REALLY Drink That?

It is truly amazing how cavalier we are about our water quality.  We assume (hope really) that something so basic as our water—so vital and necessary—will actually be healthy for us (or at least not make us sick).  Unless we are buying a new home almost none of us ever has our well tested (and
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Are You REALLY Still Drinking Your Tap Water?

Most people are fairly confident that their drinking water is perfectly safe.  There’s something about the fact that it comes out of a faucet that gives legitimacy to a perception of safety, whether you are drinking private well water or “city” water.  But almost no one knows what is really in their water or what
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You Can’t Spring Clean Without Clean Water!

It’s that spring cleaning time of year again.  But frequently the water we are going to clean with isn’t clean in the first place.  Only days or weeks after cleaning the rust stains out of your toilets and bath tub, and white calcium scale from your faucets and drains, it’s back again.  Spring cleaning becomes
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