ULTRAMAX Chlorine Removal (Salt Free) Systems

Chlorine removalTry The “Green” Alternative For Brine Restricted Areas.

Many counties are affected by local brine restrictions. As a result, consumers need salt-free alternatives to standard water treatment methods. Even in areas with city water, chlorine levels rise above a comfortable level for many home owners.

Hague Quality Water is committed to providing customers in these areas with an effective product to improve water conditions.

The UltraMax for Chlorine Removal

Hague’s 62ABE-BWO, the UltraMax, is a salt free filtration system that meets the requirements established in brine restricted areas. Like other Hague products, this new whole-house filter features water and energy saving technology. You’ll receive great benefits for you and the environment from this efficient chlorine removal system.

The UltraMax makes an excellent whole-house filter that filters the water down to 20 micron, removes tastes and odors, and offers excellent chlorine and organic reduction. Hague manufactures the UltraMax in the USA, like all of its products.

Made in the USA

Salt Free Filtration System

  • Eliminates Brine Backwash
  • Filters Sediment To Improve Water Conditions
  • No Additional Softener Equipment Required
  • Eco-friendly

The UltraMax is the ideal filtration system for chlorine removal where water softening is not required. Contact us today for a free water analysis and learn more about “salt-free” filtration alternatives.

Truly, the UltraMax is the best alternative for fresh and clean drinking water.


Which water treatment solution is right for your home? Contact the water experts at Hague Quality Water of MD, or learn more here:

UltraMax For Chlorine Removal: A Salt-Free System For City Water