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Water Treatment Annapolis, MD

With the Chesapeake Bay and multiple rivers in the vicinity, Annapolis has some of the best water access, but in terms of drinking well water, Annapolis well water can be some of the worst in the nation. While there are still some shallow wells that have very little iron, many newer deep wells have heavy iron with the presence of iron reducing bacteria that can foul a water softener. p.h. of water tends to range from mid 5.0 – mid 7.0 and the hardness can range from soft (1gpg) to Hard (9+ gpg), with most falling in the slight to moderate levels.  Radium and Cadmium are also found in certain areas in Annapolis.

At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, our expert technicians can assess your water supply with our certified testing. If any contaminants are found, we’ll uncover them and deliver the lab sampling results to you. From there, we’ll provide you with high-quality solutions for water treatment in Annapolis, MD. We are confident that we can remedy any water problem you may have.

Why You Need Water Treatment in Annapolis, MD

Due to the presence of iron, iron bacteria, low p.H. as well as other contaminants it is often necessary to have water treatment to treat your well water so that it does not stain your clothes and fixtures, to prevent the water from damaging pipes, and to preserve your water using utilities. Our skilled water experts can combat a wide range of complex issues. We can help you find the treatment solution that works best for your home’s water. 

Water treatment in Annapolis, MD offers the following advantages:

Great tasting water.

There’s nothing worse than foul-tasting water, especially when you’re thirsty! As humans, we crave refreshing, clear water. With water treatment, your water will be in pristine condition in no time.

Safety and Health.

Limescale accumulation doesn’t only affect your pipes. Hard water prevents soap from dissolving properly, and the residue it leaves behind remains on your skin. This can cause itchy, irritated skin and dull, dried-out hair. With a water softener in Edgewater, MD, homeowners can eliminate this issue.

Money-saving benefits.

Bottled water purchases are extremely expensive over time. After your water is treated, you’ll be able to pull delicious water directly from the tap. This investment will save you plenty of money in the long run.

Appliances function better.

If your water is “hard,” it has an extensive amount of magnesium and calcium. This can harm your appliances by limiting their performance levels. A water softener will work to eliminate this problem.

Protect the environment.

Water treatment in Annapolis, MD, won’t just protect your budget and bolster your health. It also saves the environment! By choosing water treatment, you reduce the need for bottled water manufacturing.

What Water Treatment Solutions are Available?

At Hague Quality Water, we take a customized approach to water treatment in Annapolis, MD. Every case is assessed individually, and problems are only diagnosed after a careful inspection of your supply. Depending on your needs, we typically recommend the following products for treatment solutions:

If you are currently concerned about your water supply, we highly recommend water testing. Identifying contaminants is the first step in any water treatment plan. Call us today to schedule an appointment or find out more about our mail-in water testing service.

What is the Next Step to Getting Great Water for Your Home?

Our skilled water experts can combat a wide range of complex issues. The first step is testing your water.  Our techs will come out to your home, diagnose your specific water quality issues and discuss treatment options to meet your specific needs.  This initial consultation is complimentary.   Call us today to schedule your initial consultation 410-881-3638 and let us get you great water.

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