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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about Water Quality & Treatment

What frequently asked questions do you have about water quality and water treatment solutions for your home or business? The water experts at Hague provide you with the most commonly asked questions. Contact us for more details or to schedule a complimentary estimate and water analysis at 888-849-8237.

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At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, you might only need one piece of equipment. We’ll save you space and make life easier for you!

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Our solutions are based on what’s in your water. For this reason, we can’t give you a price over the phone. We’ll design a specific piece of equipment for your specific water problem. Then, we will address your specific installation needs.

Play time: 1:22 There are many questions you should ask your water representative. Most importantly, you should ask, “What’s wrong with my water?” and “How are my needs being addressed?”

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A water test taken to a certified lab will identify contaminants such as Arsenic, Nitrates and Bacteria. The first step to identifying health impacts is to complete a water test.

Play time: 1:46 There are many consideration when buying a Water Treatment solution. For starters, find out if the company providing the solution is certified by the Water Quality Association and the products offered.

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City water, or municipal water, is required to meet EPA standard but there may still be radium, arsenic and more your water.

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Customer concerns should be the priority. A water analysis will determine how to best treat issues causing concerns such as odor, bad taste or iron staining.

Play time: 1:19 Our water experts can take samples to state certified labs to find out what is in your water. From there, we can determine the best solution for your water problems.