Emerging Well Water Contaminants You Should Know About

Private well owners have the freedom of having their own water supply present on their property, as well as the ability to avoid the chemicals and contaminants that are sometimes introduced into water during the water treatment process. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not without risk. There are contaminants that are more likely
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Overall Private Well Water Quality in Maryland

Did you know that approximately one-third of Marylanders rely on private wells for their drinking water? If you are one of those homeowners or business owners, the quality of the water that you are drinking is probably of major concern to you. Private wells that serve 25 or fewer people are not regulated by federal
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The Dangers of Sodium in Your Well Water

Contained in the water that you drink every day, you will find a variety of minerals that can be present in different amounts depending on the treatment processes that they have been through. One of the concerns facing private well owners in Maryland is sodium. If you have a private well, there is a good
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Hepatitis A and Drinking Water from a Private Well

Private well owners have many advantages, as they don’t need to worry about the same infrastructure that homes using municipal water do, their water hasn’t been harshly treated with chemicals that can lead to contaminants in their water, and they don’t need to pay a water bill every month. However, some of these advantages can
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How to Protect Your Well in Flood Prone Areas

Being a private well owner can come with plenty of benefits, like increased control over the treatment that your water goes through and not needing to rely on a municipal water treatment company. However, there can also be challenges when you live in flood prone areas. Any homeowner with a private well in an area
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Water Pressure Solutions for Well Owners

Whether you have an older house or a newer house, water pressure can have a serious impact on the operation of your home. If you notice a drop in water pressure when using the washing machine and sink at the same time, or a sudden loss of water pressure when you’re in the shower when
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The Dangers of Nitrates in Your Well

Many consumers have heard the word nitrates discussed around food that we consume, but they can also be present in your drinking water. Consuming nitrates can be hazardous to your health, and because they are odorless, colorless and flavorless, they could be in your water without you ever realizing it. It’s important that every homeowner
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The Dangers of Microorganisms in Your Well

Every homeowner that relies on water from a private well needs to understand exactly what they might be drinking. Unfortunately, many private wells can have issues with microorganisms and other contaminants that lead to serious health problems because they do not receive the same level of testing and upkeep as municipal water supplies. Because you
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How Often Should You Test Your Well Water?

As a private well owner, there are no municipal water treatment centers that will take care of testing and treating your water for you. While this can be a good thing because you are able to avoid some of the hazardous compounds that are placed into water to treat it, it can also mean that
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How to Prepare Your Well for a Natural Disaster

Protecting your home’s drinking water is important every day, particularly if you are one of the millions of Americans who rely on a private well. Living in Maryland means being prepared for natural disasters like hurricanes and tropical storms. As a well owner, you need to know how to prepare your well for a natural
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