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Water Treatment in Damascus, MD

Water Treatment in Damascus, MD

Damascus, MD, is a Montgomery County suburb with small-town charm and a highly rated school system. The area has a pleasant climate with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, and residents enjoy their access to green spaces such as the Branch Stream Valley Trails.
Because Damascus is in Montgomery County, the suburb’s primary provider of residential water is the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). The Commission uses the Patuxent and Potomac rivers as the primary water sources as these are the most abundant and accessible water bodies in the area.

Why You Need Water Treatment in Damascus, MD

There are several reasons to consider water treatment in Damascus. The Patuxent and Potomac rivers have both had issues with pollution in the past. Water contamination in these rivers is primarily the result of commercial activities in the area as well as oil runoff from roads in the vicinity.
The WSSC has to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s high standards to ensure that its water output is safe for consumption. However, the rivers’ history of pollution remains a cause for concern.
Another reason to seriously consider a water treatment solution is that clean water from the city treatment plant is also susceptible to pollution before it reaches your home from the soil, pipes, runoff, or contaminated surfaces. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, water pollutants include things like nitrates, lead, aluminum, arsenic, and biological contaminants such as protozoa, viruses, and bacteria.
Heavy metals are prominent contributors to water pollution in the area—mainly because of industrial operations in Maryland. Older homes may also have lead pipes. As the water flows through these pipes, particularly hot water, it picks up the lead. When humans consume water, lead exposure causes adverse health effects such as stunted childhood development, kidney damage, and even cancer.
Other waterborne contaminants that can affect your health include pesticides, perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and other synthetic chemicals. It is not always possible to detect the presence of these contaminants by tasting or smelling the water, which increases the health risks of using the water.
Not all contaminants affect your health, however. A high mineral content, specifically magnesium and calcium, causes hard water. If your water is hard, sediment builds up in appliances and plumbing fixtures such as faucets. Hard water can also cause issues when washing dishes, laundry, or your car.
Effective treatments exist to remove these contaminants, but water treatment starts with water testing. Hague Quality Water of Maryland offers free water testing* to help you determine exactly what is in your water and how you can properly treat it.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment Solutions

Americans who live in suburbs, such as Damascus, are increasingly becoming aware of the health risks of waterborne contaminants. As a result, many are switching to bottled water to reduce their exposure. Unfortunately, bottled water does not present a feasible solution as it is expensive, and the plastic bottles are a prominent contributor to pollution.
With a professional water treatment solution, however, you can have a clean, cost-effective, and safe supply of water. Hague offers several different water treatment solutions:
Whole-home filtration systems are highly effective as they filter your main water supply. As a result, you can rest assured that the water coming from every tap is free from pollutants and any other harmful contaminants.
To find out if you need a water treatment system in Damascus, Maryland, contact Hague Quality Water of Maryland for a free water test. Once we know which contaminants are in your water, we will recommend a suitable treatment system, such as the Hague WaterMax® BEQ with reverse osmosis.
This comprehensive water treatment solution is effective in eliminating dirt and sediment, as well as hard water, ensuring your water is clean and safe.
Contact Hague today to learn more about your water treatment options by calling (443) 230-5888 or 888-849-8237.

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