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Ashton, Maryland Water Treatment

Ashton, Maryland Water Treatment

Ashton, Maryland is a beautiful, heavily wooded community conveniently located just a short drive outside of Washington, DC. Being located in Montgomery County, Maryland, many of the residents of Ashton rely on water supplied by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, or WSSC for short. 

While the Commission works hard to provide safe drinking water, their facilities draw water from the Patuxent and Potomac rivers. Unfortunately, issues with water quality have plagued both of these rivers for years. Even though conditions have improved in recent years, it’s still smart to treat your water if you live in the Ashton, Maryland area.

Why Your Ashton Water Needs to Be Treated

Unfortunately, contaminants have a nasty habit of making their way into our water supply. Many human and natural activities produce contaminants. For example, bacteria could grow in the water as the result of natural processes. Or run off from farms could make its way into either the Potomac or Patuxent rivers.  Runoff from nearby roadways flows into the rivers as well, contaminating the water with motor oil, gasoline and more. 

Heavy metals are another serious problem. Maryland has been home to a lot of industrial activity over the years, and some of this activity has resulted in heavy metal pollution. These metals could be very dangerous for your health and could also damage your piping and appliances.

Another issue to watch out for are PFAS. These human-made chemicals are found in a huge range of products. Fast food wrappers, fire extinguishing agents, and cooking wares are just some of the products where PFAS are found. 

PFAS are also frequently used on military bases as fire retardants and in other products. Meanwhile, Maryland is home to a large number of military bases. So far, at least 15 military bases in Maryland have been contaminated by PFAS chemicals.

Additionally, older homes sometimes still have lead piping. Even if water arrives at your home clean, lead in your pipes could leach into the water supply. This could stunt childhood development, cause kidney damage, and other conditions.

Treat Your Water Safely and in an Environmentally Effective Manner

More Americans are rightly concerned about the quality of their drinking water. The above threats are found in communities across Maryland and indeed much of the country. Even if you are drinking bottled water, you could be exposed to dangerous contaminants in the shower. This could cause skin irritation and some of the contaminants may make their way into your body.
Further, your washing machine, dishwasher, and other appliances could be damaged by contaminated water. Clothing could also be coming out of the washing machine dirty.

Treating your Ashton, Maryland water is an economical and environmentally friendly choice, and a high-quality water filtration system will help you eliminate any hazardous chemicals that may be present. Not only will you be able to drink healthy water, but you’ll also be able to enjoy clean water throughout your house. 

Not sure if your city water needs to be treated? Allow Hague Water of Maryland test your water, for free! If we find contaminants, we can discuss filtration systems, such as the Hague WaterMax® BEQContact us today by calling 888-849-8237.

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