Certified Water Testing

You already know that testing your water for contaminants is good practice for your health and your home. The next step is determining how and where to test your water.

Why Choose Hague?

Hague Quality Water of Maryland has been in the water treatment business since 1993. Simply put, we know quality water and we know Maryland water. Our water treatment experts are Water Quality Association (WQA) certified and can test the water at your home or business with your needs in mind.

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Certified Lab Testing for Real Estate

Many real estate transactions require water testing. When purchasing a home with a private well, water testing is imperative. You will want to know what’s in your water and how problem water can be treated. Some mortgage loans require a water test even if the home is serviced by municipal or public water. Our certified water specialists are experienced in meeting the deadlines and water testing needs for real estate transactions. Whether you are a real estate agent or a home buyer, call Hague Quality Water of Maryland for your real estate water testing needs.

Certified Lab Testing for Your Health

Water is critical to your health, and the quality of your water should be important as well. Whether your home’s water comes from a private well or a municipal source, annual water tests are the only way to get peace of mind about your water quality. Well water often has a high pH, high iron levels and sediment. Municipal water can collect contaminants after it leaves the treatment plant and bring unwanted chemicals into your home, like arsenic, lead and chlorine.

Not All Water Tests Are The Same

A water test will determine exactly what’s in your water, but not all water tests are the same. A water test that includes certified lab sampling will provide the most accurate results, whether it’s for safety and health reasons or for real estate. Hague Quality Water of Maryland provides a choice of full service in home water testing or a water test kit for reliable contact-less results. Based on your water test results, Hague Quality Water of Maryland can recommend the best water treatment solution.

3 reasons to filter your water

Get started on a path toward healthy water for healthy living. We provide certified lab sampling for water quality throughout Maryland. Call us today at (410) 757-2992 or request a water test kit online.