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Residential Coolers

Water the Way You Want It!

Hot and cold purified water at the push of a button. This self-sanitizing home water cooler requires little maintenance and yearly filter changes are included! Bottleless water coolers provide higher quality water than most bottled water all at a cost that is frequently less than what you pay for the inconvenience of bottled water.

Eliminate concerns about space or the volume of water dispensed. Choose from full size or countertop models to best fit your needs, as well as the location.

Get the water you deserve today! Call 888-849-8237 and ask about a free 7-day trial.

Switch to a Bottless Home Water Cooler!

There are many reasons to ditch plastic water bottles for your home water cooler solution and install a bottleless cooler:

No More Lifting

Bottleless means no more lifting and storing heavy bottles, not to mention the dirt and grime that can build up on the outside of a bottle.

Always Clean

Self-sanitizing home water coolers mean your dispenser is always clean. Build up of dirt and bacteria are never a problem.


Maintenance-free means less worry for you. We’ll schedule filter changes and we’ll be there quickly to resolve other service needs.

Our Service Promise

At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, it’s our people that set us apart! Our attitude, commitment to excellence and unending desire to always make Hague Quality Water of Maryland a better company, this is what makes us the leading water specialists in the Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington DC area. We bring this commitment to our full line of expert bottleless water cooler solutions from Chesapeake Cooler Company.

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