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Water Test Chevy Chase, MD

Water Test Chevy Chase, MD

Is your water clean? Call Hague Quality Water of Maryland to test the safety of your water today!
When you take a shower or drink your eight glasses of water a day, water testing is probably the furthest from your mind. People in Chevy Chase, MD, and around the country, assume that water is always safe when it comes from a tap.
The truth is that contaminants can stay in your water and show no signs. Even after public water treatment, these contaminants can still make you sick.
At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, we are happy to provide a quality water test in Chevy Chase, MD to residents.  See what our happy customers say about our services to see how we can help you!

Signs You Have Contaminated Water

There are hallmark signs that show if water is not pure. Look for these signs when you turn on the tap:
If you notice any of the above signs, you should have your water tested by our water treatment specialists to ensure you and your family have access to the clean water you deserve.
There are times you might not be aware that you have contaminated water as some contaminants have no taste or smell. Perhaps your nose, taste buds, or eyes have gotten used to the way your water looks and tastes.

It’s better to be safe than sorry with a water test, especially with something as essential as water. 

How Hague Quality Water of Maryland Tests Your Water

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends water testing a minimum of once per year for homes with private wells. That said, even if your home uses municipal water you may need professional testing as water can become contaminated as it travels from the treatment plant to your home.
The EPA has a list of over 90 regulated water contaminants, and that list grows with more testing. Before your water reaches your house, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) tests for these contaminants. However, many environmental factors could affect the quality of your water once it leaves the plant.
Hague Quality Water of Maryland has the equipment, knowledge, and resources to take care of your water testing needs. We perform laboratory tests on Chevy Chase, MD residential water samples to give you the confidence you deserve in your water supply.
Once testing is complete, your report will show precisely what is in your water. And if your water is not clean, Hague can also provide comprehensive water treatment for you.

What Substances Do Water Tests Find?

Although the EPA regulates over 90 contaminants, some are more common than others. Here is a list of some contaminants our certified experts may find during water testing: 

If any of these concerns you, then call us today to ease your mind. Learn more about our talented team of water specialists!
Hague Quality Water of Maryland is an award-winning, family-owned water company serving the Chevy Chase, MD area. We take pride in our ability to offer state-of-the-art water treatment options such as the Hague WaterMax® BEQ and reverse osmosis systems. The WaterMax® BEQ water treatment solution is specifically designed to effectively filter contaminants out of city water.
To learn more about your water treatment options in Chevy Chase, MD, call Hague Quality Water of Maryland to request your free test* at (443) 230-5888.

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