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Water Testing Bethesda, MD

Water Testing Bethesda, MD

You deserve pure, clean water at your Bethesda home and/or business. Unfortunately, many people living in Bethesda, Maryland do not have access to clean water from the tap. As a result, many have turned to bottled water, which is expensive and bad for the environment. Still, when it comes to your health and safety, you can’t skimp.
Fortunately, there’s a better solution. Our Bethesda water testing team will identify any contaminants or dangers in the water at your home, office, or place of business. After testing your water, we will help you identify filtration, treatment, and water softener solutions that will mitigate the specific dangers present.

Free Water Testing in Bethesda

Since 1993, we have provided free water testing services to the residents of Bethesda. We know just how important water is for health, which is why we want to make sure everyone can get an accurate water test. Unfortunately, at-home tests can be inaccurate, especially if administered improperly. They can also be a pain if you’re inexperienced with them. Our free test eliminates any inaccuracies and frustrations you may encounter on your own. 

Treated Water From Your Bethesda Tap

Hague’s Bethesda team will accurately identify contaminants that may be present in your water. Once you know what the risks are, we will be able to offer you an effective solution. While the Hague WaterMax BEQ® is a great solution for many customers dealing with city water in Bethesda, we offer a myriad of solutions so you can have the water you deserve.
Of course, if there’s nothing wrong with your water, we’ll simply congratulate you and be on our way! There is no cost or obligation when you receive a complimentary water test from our service professionals. However, if a risk is present, we’ll thoroughly explain the results of the test.

Sometimes, your water might be hard. This won’t pose an immediate health threat but could damage your appliances and make it more difficult to clean dishes, clothing, and more. Other times, high levels of iron need to be filtered out. Other times, we find more dangerous heavy metals, such as lead. In this case, a more intensive filtration system may be needed. 

Clean Water Can Be Yours

Before a water test, we can’t tell you what’s in your water. What we can tell you, however, is that we’ll find out if anything dangerous is in your water and if your family is being exposed. After the appropriate filtration system is installed, we will test your water again to make sure all of the issues are resolved.

The point is, you do not have to accept contaminated, unhealthy water. You do not have to deal with dull laundry or stained dishes. You don’t even have to put up with water that has a strong chlorine taste. If your water is anything less than perfection, you can do something about it.

With the right water softeners and filtration systems, you’ll be able to enjoy top notch water right from the tap in your Bethesda home. How do you get started? First, have your water tested by our professional service team!

Contact Hague Quality Water of Maryland Today

If you suspect you are not drinking or using quality water, your water could be contaminated with bacteria, toxins, or even chemicals. Having your water tested by qualified service professionals can help you ensure you and your family have access to safe water. If you live in the Bethesda, MD area, call (443) 230-5888 to schedule free in-home water testing today!

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