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Water Testing Upper Marlboro MD

Water Testing Upper Marlboro MD

Do you know what’s in your water? Unfortunately, your water probably isn’t the best H2O available. Water often carries additives, such as chlorine and fluoride. This is intentional and generally believed to be good for our health. However, water may also contain dangerous contaminants, such as heavy metals, lead, dangerous pathogens, unwanted minerals, and more. Sadly, as water travels to your home or business in Upper Marlboro the quality becomes questionable, as the opportunity for contamination exists in the soil and pipes.
That’s why Hague Quality Water of Maryland provides free water testing to residents of Upper Marlboro and elsewhere across Maryland. We know how vital clean water is for health and thus want to ensure that every Maryland resident knows if contaminants are lurking in their home’s water.

Upper Marlboro’s Water Supply May Be Contaminated

Most residents of Upper Marlboro rely on water supplied from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. The Commission, in turn, draws water from the Patuxent River and the Potomac River. Unfortunately, the quality of the water provided by these two rivers is questionable. This makes it vital for Upper Marlboro residents to get their water professionally tested.
The Patuxent River has previously been found to be an “impaired” river. High sediment levels, farm runoff, and other dangerous contaminants have been found by the Maryland government. While the government was been working to clean the river water, it’s still important to have your tap water tested.
The Potomac River was once one of the dirtiest rivers in the entire country. Conditions have improved a lot in recent years but it’s still smart to check your tap water, especially if it comes from the Potomac. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and other contaminants have been found.
Even if you draw water from a well, there’s a risk that the local water table has been contaminated. Fortunately, professional water testing can help you uncover contaminants in your water. Professional water testing can be complex owing to the equipment and skills needed. Trust the water experts at Hague to test your water!

Professional Water Testing vs. DIY

Some people are turning to home testing kits. You can now buy these kits online. However, they can be quite pricy. Most kits also only test for a limited number of contaminants. Even then, their accuracy is questionable. False positives and miss-reads are common.
Water testing might look easy, but even a slight mistake can lead to false results. Given the cost of professional water testing, the temptation to do it yourself is understandable. However, it’s best to leave the tests to water experts. What’s most important is ensuring that your water is free of contaminants.
If contaminants are found, Hague will work with you to ensure that your family and home are protected. Contaminated water can stunt the growth of your children, damage your appliances, soil your clothing, irritate your skin and more.
With the right filtration system, however, you can remove contaminants and soften your water. The Hague WaterMax® BEQ system has become especially popular and is great for removing a wide range of contaminants in homes with municipal water.

Of course, before selecting a filtration system, you should first have your Upper Marlboro tap water professionally tested! Get in touch with Hague today and we’ll schedule an appointment to test your water for free! You can reach us by calling 888-849-8237 or (443) 230-5888.

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