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Water Treatment Gaithersburg, MD

Water Treatment Gaithersburg, MD

Located in Montgomery County, Gaithersburg, Maryland is home to companies such as IBM, Lockheed Martin, and AstraZeneca that drive the economy in and around Washington, D.C. The city is renowned for its ethnic and economic diversity.
As with virtually every other city surrounding the District of Columbia, Gaithersburg depends on the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) for its water supply. The WSSC primarily uses the water flowing in the Potomac River and the Patuxent River, both of which have received low scores when it comes to water quality. Although conditions have improved in recent years, government agencies responsible for resident safety discourage swimming in the Potomac River.
Hague Quality Water of Maryland (Hague) understands the potential health issues caused by drinking unsanitary water. With our comprehensive Hague WaterMax® BEQ system, we have advanced water testing and treatment procedures for residents of central Maryland and Washington, D.C. With the best water treatment system, you and your family will enjoy healthy tap water that does not contain any harmful substances.
Hague Quality Water of MD does much more than remove harmful contaminants from the water supply of Gaithersburg residents. We also educate our customers about what exactly lurks beneath the surface of the water sources used to deliver tap water.
Because of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, many of our customers are aware of the potential health risk of ingesting water contaminated with heavy metals. Although lead is often the primary culprit of contamination, Chromium VI also leeches from the metal infrastructure that sends water to a treatment system. Researchers have linked Chromium VI to the development of cancer. Other metals our water treatment company monitors include copper, arsenic, and mercury.
Pathogens floating in local water sources are also a major issue for Gaithersburg, Maryland residents. Salmonella and legionella can trigger a sudden and serious illness that can results in the loss of life. If one of our tests reveals the presence of pathogens, our highly effective Hague WaterMax® BEQ water filtration system will remove the potentially deadly natural contaminants.
We also have to be alert to detect the presence of dangerous long lasting PFAS chemicals. Manufacturers use PFAS chemicals in a large number of manufacturing processes. Extended exposure to PFAs chemicals can lead to the onset of health issues that include cancer. Pesticides and fertilizers can damage the immune system and when it rains, there is a risk that the chemicals can leech into the soil and eventually enter the Gaithersburg water supply.

Why Hague Water Treatment Makes Sense for Homeowners

Our highly rated Hague WaterMax® BEQ filters dirty city water to deliver clean, healthy drinking water for you and your family. By using the reverse osmosis process, Hague produces clean water that does not leave a lingering chlorine taste. We remove dirt and sentiment, as well as neutralize hard water. Say goodbye to plastic bottled water and say hello to refreshing tap water that comes directly from every faucet in your home.

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The most efficient water treatment system comes with an industry leading warranty that spans 25 years. You and your family will benefit from healthier skin and hair, as well as tastier food and beverages. Our customers have saved up to 30% on maintaining their plumbing systems. Even your water heater will benefit from the installation of the Hague WaterMax® BEQ water treatment system.
Schedule an appointment with Hague Quality Water of Maryland to learn more about the Hague WaterMax® BEQ water filtration system. You can call us at (443) 230-5888 or by submitting a request for information on the online contact form.

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