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Water Treatment Upper Marlboro, MD

Water Treatment Upper Marlboro, MD

Upper Marlboro, Maryland is conveniently located in Prince George’s County and only about a half-hour from Washington, DC. The area offers a peaceful and tranquil place for you and your family to call home. That said, issues with water quality have been reported in the area, so it’s recommended to have your tap water filtered and treated.
Water in Upper Marlboro comes from either the Potomac River or the Patuxent River. In both cases, your water is likely being supplied by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. Unfortunately, both the Potomac River and Patuxent River suffer from pollution problems. While conditions have been improving, pollution is still a serious concern for Upper Marlboro residents, and it’s best to treat your tap water.
The Potomac River was once among the dirtiest rivers in the United States. Efforts to clean up the river have been partially successful. Still, while the water is cleaner now than in the past, serious risks remain. In particular, nitrogen and fertilizer farm runoff, phosphorus, and sediment levels are often quite high. Unfortunately, these contaminants could be making their way into your drinking water.
Additionally, the Maryland state government has found that the Patuxent River is “impaired.” Previous government research has even found evidence of metals, including zinc. Again, these contaminants could be making their way into your tap water. To protect yourself and your family from these harmful contaminants, it is best to have your water tested and treated with a water filtration system.

Your Upper Marlboro Tap Water Could Pose a Risk

No matter the source, your Upper Marlboro water could be contaminated. Of course, the municipal water system goes to great lengths to provide water that is safe to drink. Still, aging pipes, source water quality, and localized factors (such as lead pipes in your home) can and will impact the quality of your water.
This, in turn, could render your water unsafe to drink. If you have children, water quality is even more vital because lead and other contaminants can stunt growth and development. Further, your home’s water could be damaging your appliances (i.e. washing machine), shower, clothing, and more.

Filtered Water is the Safest Water

For these reasons and more, every Upper Marlboro resident should have his or her water professionally tested. Once a professional water test has been conducted, you’ll learn whether your water is contaminated or if your family is at risk.
Fortunately, with Hague Quality Water of Maryland, professional water testing is free for every Upper Marlboro resident! We recognize how much of a risk water quality can be, and how serious the dangers are in Maryland.
If you suspect your water may be contaminated, treating your tap water with a powerful filtration system, such as the Hague WaterMax® BEQ system, will improve the quality of your water and help keep your family safe. Contact us today at (443) 230-5888 to schedule a free in-home water test and learn about treatment options for your home or business!

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