The best drinking water solutions for Capitol Hill come from Hague Quality Water of Maryland.

It’s Not Bottled…It’s Better!

Our Bottleless Water Coolers deliver more than purified hot and cold water. They deliver the highest quality of filtered water, eliminate environmentally hazardous waste, and are easy to maintain. Designed to accommodate the needs of older buildings, this is the one cooler your office needs.

Most importantly, Hague Quality Water of Maryland is proud to be the ONLY service provider to pass all AOC administered lead tests for buildings on Capitol Hill! Our units are WQA/NSF certified for lead removal. View the certificate here.

NO Lifting – NO Storage – No Delivery

Since 1993, Hague Quality Water of MD has been providing innovation water treatment solutions. We proudly deliver services to hundreds of government offices on Capitol Hill, including the House and Senate members, leadership and committees.*

Contact our dedicated Client Services Team for Capitol Hill  today for a free consultation and analysis of your water at 888-84WATER or locally at (202) 873-2211.

A Refreshing Solution. Go Beyond GREEN!

  • Eliminate bottled water storage.
  • Eliminate deliveries at the office.
  • Simple, infrequent filter changes by a Hague technician.
  • No more invoicing and administrative headaches with an easy email payment invoice.
  • Readily available, personal support via telephone.
  • Easily moved, stored or re-installed at an office.

Healthy, refreshing water you can trust!

Once installed, you’ll enjoy consistently high quality hot and cold water. Your new filtered water cooler uses a 5-stage conventional filtration and self-sanitizing chill tank, and it provides a far better product than the average “filter” cooler. The environmentally hazardous waste of plastic water bottles will be eliminated, as well. The choice is clear!

7-Stage Filtration Process:

  1. Sediment Filtration: Dirt, Rust and Silt
  2. Pre-Carbon Filter: Chlorine, Chemicals and Pesticides
  3. Reverse Osmosis: Bacteria,  Lead, Arsenic, and more.
  4. Restore/Add Minerals & Electrolytes
  5. Enhance Alkalinity
  6. Final Santization
  7. Final Polish

For specific pricing for your office contact Marilyn Mitchell directly at (202) 873-2211.

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WQA Certification
* References available upon request.