6 Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

Whether you are looking for bottleless water coolers for your home or office, you won’t regret making the change. Bottleless water cooler benefits are endless! When you choose bottleless water coolers, you’re making a better decision for your family and the environment. Your loved ones and employees deserve access to healthy, safe drinking water throughout
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Reduce Your Waste: No More Plastic Bottles

It seems you can’t go anywhere lately without seeing a plastic bottle of water for sale, businesses even give them out to clients and make them available to employees. They are in gas stations, airports, vending machines, and offices. While it’s important to stay hydrated, have you ever really stopped to question what happens to
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How much lead is in DC water?

Water in Washington DC comes from the Potomac River. It is treated by DC Water at the Washington Aqueduct to provide clean water to the residents and employees of the area. While the water company makes every effort to remove lead before it leaves the plant, older pipes installed in the 1950s-1970s contain lead that
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Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Bathroom

Looking to update your bathroom? Use some of the following eco-friendly ideas to help conserve the environment but stay stylish at the same time.   Deciding to make your bathroom more eco-friendly is an admirable choice; you’ll improve not only your ecological footprint but your own health as well. The first thing to remember is
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