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Water Cooler Product Information

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What size cooler is right for you?

With a variety of sizes and styles available, finding the right water cooler for you can be tricky. We’ve put together some water cooler product information to help make the best decision for your space and needs.

Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler

A countertop bottleless water cooler is small in size but big in performance. It provides a remarkable water filtration and purification solution on your countertop!
Even more, its clean, smart, compact design makes it a good fit on any countertop. Its purification and ease of use make it a great fit for any office or home.
The W9 CT stands 17.8” tall with a width of 11.7″ and a depth of 19.5″. This compact unit provides hot and cold water with unmatched water quality.

Wellsys Bottleless Water Cooler

A Wellsys W9 Water Cooler from Chesapeake Cooler Company has many unique features and offers solutions to hassles found in traditional bottle coolers.
The W9 stands 50” tall with a width of 11.8″ and a depth of 15.5″. Not to mention, this unit provides hot and cold water with unmatched water quality.
This water cooler provides an endless supply of purified drinking water at your fingertips!

Multi-Stage Purification

Take a close look at the stages in the video below. This is the process to provide you with healthy water. We know you will find it to be everything you want in water purification and more.
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