Still Drinking Bottled Water? Really?

(Updated May 7, 2019)

Remember 8-track tapes? What about the big Beta video tapes?  Vinyl records? Cassette tapes? All consigned to history’s trash heap.  The newest resident of that trash heap is your bottled water! There are several solutions that produce better-than-bottled water quality right in your kitchen. 


Think about it for a moment…if you wanted fresh squeezed orange juice you’d get some oranges out of the fridge and squeeze away. Would it be fresh squeezed if you called some guy a 1000 miles away and asked him to do the squeezing, put it in a chemical laced plastic bottle and ship it the 1000 miles back to your house in big pollution-belching, gas guzzling truck? Of course not! Why is your water different? If you want the very highest quality, greatest tasting drinking water then “make” it right there at your sink!  Send bottled water to the trash heap with those old 8-tracks!

One option for on-demand water is a 5-stage reverse osmosis drinking water system. Pair this with a BPA-free sport bottle and you’ll stay hydrated and protect the environment.

Need hot and cold water on demand? A bottleless water cooler delivers healthy, clean water for homes and offices.

It’s time to say good-bye to bottled water for good!