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Water Testing Potomac, MD

Water Testing Potomac, MD

Most people assume the water coming out of their tap is clean and safe to use. This isn’t always the case. Even if your water looks, smells, and tastes fine, harmful contaminants may still be lurking. Our water testing service is here to gauge the quality of your water and provide suggestions for improvement as appropriate. With our help, you’ll enjoy cleaner and healthier water.

The Pure Water You Need

Water is fundamental for survival and comfort. If the water in your Potomac home is hard or contains impurities, it’s time to add water softening. If our Potomac water team determines softening is necessary to improve your home’s water, we’ll educate you on your options and, if you’re interested, add them as appropriate. There is a myriad of benefits to softening your water such as enhancing the look and cleanliness of your laundry, extending the useful life of your home’s plumbing fixtures, and filtering your water. Once we’ve completed treatment, you can use water with no hesitation and be confident that it’s of the highest quality.

Free Water Testing

We provide free water testing to those living in the greater Potomac area. We examine your home or business’s water, determine if it is clean, and suggest any appropriate improvements. We have a variety of treatment solutions available for you to choose from. Some of our popular systems include the Hague WaterMax® BEQ, the Hague Maximizer, and  Hague Reverse Osmosis. Whether you need acid neutralization, iron removal, UV disinfection, chlorine elimination, or something else, there are countless options available for enhancing your water.

Elite Home Water Filtration

Water filtration is necessary for most homes yet often overlooked as an unnecessary procedure and expense. Municipal water treatment only goes so far, leaving homeowners responsible for removing chemicals and other impurities from their tap water—or dealing with the consequences if they don’t. Our water specialists are here to take care of all the work for you. Our technicians work quickly yet thoroughly, never sacrificing quality for the sake of speed. We get the job done right on the first try. The relatively minor investment in a home water filtration unit really will improve your home plumbing system just as much as your health.

Contact Hague Quality Water of Maryland Today

Our water experts are here to test your water, remove impurities, and, by extension, improve your health and overall well-being. Call 888-849-8237 (92837) to schedule a free in-home water test. If there’s anything wrong with your water, you can trust us to let you know, help you determine the appropriate solution, and, should you choose to have us do so, implement the proper system. All of this—and more—is simply a call away.

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