Comprehensive Solution: Maximizer®

Comprehensive Solution
The Hague Maximizer® is a patented, comprehensive solution for water softening designed to provide your home with soft, clean water and money saving opportunities. Sparkling dishes, brighter clothes and softer skin are just a few of the many benefits of the Maximizer®.The Maximizer® water softener keeps appliances running longer and water pipes cleaner, which means you use less energy and save money on repair bills.

Maximizer® unit features:

  • Control Valve – Whisper-quiet, 6-cycle fully automatic. Regenerates based on exact water used so there’s no guesswork and no waste.
  • Ultrafil Filter – Whole-house self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter. No cartridges to change.
  • Dual Compartment Tank – Patented reinforced polypropylene media tank.
  • Ultra-Soft Fine Mesh Resin- Ensures maximum treatment for hardness and iron.
  • Higher Flow Rates
  • Bacteriostatically Protected Resin Bed
  • 15-year Limited Warranty
  • Power Outage Protection – Capacitor holds power for the time of day for up to 16 hours and holds the regeneration programming indefinitely.
  • Safety Shut-Off

Automatically adjusts to your water usage.

No guessing, no wasted water or salt!


Easy-to-set demand regeneration regenerates based on the actual amount of water used. Just set the hardness and the computer does the rest.

Status Monitor- Displays what hardness setting you have programmed (Series 94) and gallons remaining until next regeneration.

Recharge Now- For immediate regeneration control. (Not used in normal operating conditions.)


Certified by the Water Quality Association

The Series 94

At 2.5 pounds of salt, the Series 94 removes 10,400 grains of hardness (4,160 per lb.). Plus, it uses only 13.9 gallons of water, and takes only 19-1/2 minutes per regeneration.

The Series 96

At 1 pound of salt, the Series 96 removes 5,600 grains of hardness. Plus, it uses only 11.1 gallons of water, and takes only 15 minutes per regeneration.

Maximum Performance

  • Offensive chlorine tastes and odors are reduced with a custom configuration of media.
  • Maximizer uses Fine resin, allowing it to reduce Barium and Radium 226/228.


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MAXIMIZER®: A Comprehensive Solution For Soft Water That Saves