Benefits of Hybrid Water Heaters

Just about every home has a water heater. It’s an appliance we rely on for hot water in our kitchens, bathrooms and beyond. When was the last time you thought about the type of water heater in your home? Your water heater type could affect the energy usage and, as a result, your monthly utility costs. reports that electric water heaters account for an average of 18 percent of your electricity costs.

Imagine a new water heater that could save you money on your utility bills…That is exactly what a hybrid heat pump water heater can deliver to your home!

Hybrid Water Heaters Defined hybrid water heater

A hybrid heat pump water heater combines a heat pump system with a storage tank water heater. A hybrid water heater moves hot air to the water tank when needed instead of heating the water on demand. When the demand for water is high, a hybrid water heater switches to standard electric heating. Using this process allows the unit to be more energy efficient, saving money on energy costs in the long-run.

Is The Cost Worth It?

Hybrid heat pump water heaters can carry a hefty price tag. You may be wondering if they are worth the extra upfront investment. For those that are interested in conserving energy, the answer is a resounding YES! Most hybrid products are ENERGY STAR certified. Using products that produce less greenhouse gases is an earth-friendly decision.

For more financially motivated homeowners, consider the average U.S. household saves up to $330 per year in energy bills with a hybrid water heater, compared to a standard electric water heater.* That’s more the $3000 over the usual 10-12 year life of a water heater. Larger families that typically use more hot water could save even more.

Most models come equipped with timers and a vacation option. You’ll save on energy when you are not at home. Additionally, you may be eligible for installation savings from your local government or utility provider. Check out this online calculator to see your savings.

Selecting A Water Heater

There are many options to consider when choosing a water heater. It’s important to note that a hybrid water heater is best when installed in an all-electric home. Homes that have direct access to natural gas are better off sticking with gas models. Beyond the heat source, homeowners should consider the size of tank needed, space available for the unit, weigh the pros and cons of efficiency and power, and set a budget.

Choosing An Installer

Proper installation of your new water heater can make a difference in the unit’s efficiency and life span. The installer should take factors such as climate, local code requirements and safety issues into consideration. At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, our expert plumbers will evaluate your situation and suggest the best option for your home and family. Our plumbers are qualified to install your new water heater and we can remove your old one.

Get started on saving today. Call Hague Quality Water of Maryland for a free in-home estimate.

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*Based on ENERGY STAR calculation for a family of three.

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