How Can Drinking Clean, Filtered Water Save You Money?

In the past several decades, the demand for bottled water has soared as people have gone in search of cleaner water.  However, in recent years, bottled water manufacturers have come under fire as many manufacturers have been found to be bottling tap water, and of those that are using spring water, many of those sources are found to have contaminants that, while unregulated, would not be considered healthy.  Additionally the plastic bottles have become a major issue, leaching chemicals and toxins into the water and making huge environmental impacts on both landfills and our oceans. The Pacific Ocean has a plastic mass estimated to be the size of Texas.


All of this on top of the ever rising cost of bottled water, which is one of the highest profit margins of any commodity.

A much more cost-effective solution that will guarantee the quality of your drinking water and save you money in the long run is getting a Hague quality water system installed in your home or business. This solution ensures all the water in your home or business is filtered and all impurities are removed. The installation costs are a one-time expense, with minimal maintenance costs. In many cases the return on this investment is often very short.

When comparing the costs, you need to remember you have to consider how much water you drink over the course of a year. This is where many people make inaccurate estimates. To start we will assume that the Mayo Institute’s recommendation of eight 8oz glasses of water per day is sufficient. If you bought four cold 16oz bottles of water each day from a convenience store, with an average cost of $2 a bottle, you would spend around $2,920 a year.

If you bought the cheapest water available in bulk and carried them around, you could cut that cost to around a few hundred dollars a year per person. Of course you would have the inconveniences of buy and lugging the water from the store and you still have no real idea of the quality of the water.

Realistically, we are likely to buy a blend of both, maybe picking up a bottle during the day and drinking some bulk purchased water at home.  When you add these up and multiply that across a family of 4, the cost could easily reach $1000 per year, for an unknown quality of water.

Hague Quality Water of Maryland can provide a package solution to treat the water you bath and wash your clothes in, as well as purifying and filtering your drinking water and more often than not, save you money!

Benefits of water filtration system extend beyond just drinking water, whole house treatment decreases the need for soap and detergent, skin creams and lotions. Soft water increases the efficiency of the water heater, prolongs the life of the plumbing and water using appliances and increases the life of clothing by limiting lint in the dryer. All of these add up to huge savings around the house.

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With Hague water systems, your system is customized to fit your specific needs and concerns. First, your water is tested and analyzed to determine what types of water problems you currently have, for no charge Next, since each person’s problems require different solutions, a filtration system is designed to not only address the problems, but also fit your budget. For more information about water filtration systems and solutions for your home or business, contact the experts at Hague Water of MD today by calling (410) 757-2992 or (410) 213-2380.

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