Five Reasons You Need a Water Expert

Do You Need A Water Expert?

Making sure that your home has great water quality is just a matter of buying a gadget from the hardware store and installing it in the kitchen sink, right?

Not at all. For home or business owners, working with a water quality expert is essential to providing just the right solution to filter out impurities and deal with issues related to hard water. One product does not fit all when it comes to water quality solutions, and working with trained professionals is more effective and less expensive in the long run than relying on trial and error.


If you’re dealing with any of the following problems, calling in a water quality expert should be your next move:

  • Hard water – Hard water is water with a high mineral content. Hard water can cause a number of problems, including scale buildup in tubs and sinks, and clogging of appliances. In industrial settings, hard water can cause big problems with boilers and cooling towers.

In a residential setting, one of the clearest indicators that you may have hard water is a lack of suds formation when trying to later up with soap. There are a variety of factors that may contribute to hard water, and a water expert can find the best solution for specific problems.

  • Contaminants and additives – Government regulations help root out many problems that may make our water unsafe to drink, but not every problem is covered by the law, and detection and enforcement may also lag. Tap water can contain many impurities – some of which won’t make you sick, but can negatively impact water taste. A water expert can analyze your water and suggest a water filtration system to reduce contaminants and additives.
  • Microbiological risks – A municipal water system’s water treatment efforts may not kill all microorganisms that can affect health. Water experts can help monitor for harmful microbiological agents like bacteria and protozoa, and provide options for eliminating these threats.
  • Older facilities – If you’ve recently moved into an older home or office, it may be worthwhile to have a water expert check out the house or facility. Older plumbing infrastructure can result in unsafe water or water that tastes unpleasant. Water experts can assess the situation and suggest fixes to ensure your home or place of business has safe, drinkable water.
  • Aesthetic issues – While your water may be perfectly safe, it might look a little funny. Water experts can help address aesthetic issues by flushing out pipes to improve water quality and eliminate discoloration.


Hague Water of MD is a respected water quality solutions company, having served Maryland for more than two decades. Hague Water of MD uses the latest technology to assess water quality needs, and suggest water purification systems and treatment to meet specific needs. A service-disabled-veteran-owned business, Hague Water of MD has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an excellent reputation, having won the Greater Maryland Torch Award Winner for Marketplace Excellence in 2010 and 2011.

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