PFAS Chemicals in Drinking Water Making Headlines Around the Country

At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, we always keep an eye out for current developments when it comes to drinking water and health. If you’ve been doing the same, then you’ve probably heard about the on-going concerns over PFAS chemicals, which have been linked to cancer and other health problems.

PFAS chemicals are all around us. Some of these chemicals are used by firefighters and are great for extinguishing flames. They’re also commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications and on military bases. Unfortunately, PFAS chemicals may also be detrimental to your health.

Researchers have found that many of the chemicals and substances we are or were using are dangerous for our health and the environment. Evidence suggests that PFAS may also be dangerous for our health and could be carcinogenic. This means PFAS could cause cancer. That’s why back in 2015, the EPA issued a health advisory for PFAS levels in drinking water.

These days, PFAS is still all over the news. Let’s look at why, and what you can do about PFAS in your drinking water.

The United States Military PFAS Contamination Problem

Around the country, many military bases have been identified by the Department of Defense to be contaminated with PFAS from the firefighting foam used on these bases. Not only can these chemicals have a detrimental effect on the workers using the foam, but it can also negatively impact those living around the bases. This is especially alarming since there are several military bases across the state of Maryland, putting those who live here at a higher risk of interacting with PFAS.

When the foam is used on base, it seeps into the groundwater, tainting the drinking water for individuals in the area. This drinking water crisis could be affecting you and your family, which is why it’s important to have your water tested and treated by the water specialists at Hague. Having your water properly and thoroughly filtered by a carbon filter or reverse osmosis system will help you protect yourself and your family from this dangerous chemical.

Currently, the Federal government has not officially classified PFAS as carcinogenic, so unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done. Once the classification is changed, the Navy and other government organizations may be required to clean up PFAS. Until PFAS is classified as dangerous, however, there are no mandates. For the time being, it’s up to you to test and treat the water in your home.

The Presence of PFAS in Maryland Drinking Water

It was recently reported “forever chemicals” in the form of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been found in some Maryland drinking water. PFAS contaminated water is linked to cancer, liver disease, child development issues, and even asthma. Concern has arisen after PFAS were detected in drinking water near Fort Meade Army Base, where they had been the primary ingredient in the AFFF fire-fighting foam used in army base exercises. In addition, PFAS chemicals have been found in a South Branch of the Potomac River in West Virginia and two sites in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania as well as a creek in Maryland. The United States government has phased out the use of AFFFs, the presence of PFAS chemicals that were once used at area military bases and airports and may have contaminated the six-state Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Get PFAS Out of Your Drinking Water

Unfortunately, PFAS chemicals are a major risk in Maryland and already over a dozen PFAS contaminated sites have been identified.

Having your water treated by the professionals at Hague Quality Water of MD can remove the toxic chemicals.  Fortunately, you can use a high-quality, proven water filter, like the Hague WaterMax® BEQ system, to filter PFAS out of your water. This way, your health will be protected.

Hague’s mission is to provide  customers with the highest quality water solutions to ensure their safety and satisfaction. If you are unsure whether there are PFAS present in your water, it is essential that you have a water technician conduct a free water analysis to properly diagnose the health of your water.

Even if the government does move to clean up PFAS contamination and restrict its use, it’ll be years before PFAS is out of our drinking water. In the meantime, don’t expose yourself to the dangers. Instead, enjoy filtered water by calling Hague Quality Water of MD at 888-849-8237 (888-849-2837)!

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