Pros and Cons of UV Filtration

Regardless of your water source, contaminants can enter your home’s water. Homeowners with private wells are versed in the need to treat their water prior to use, but homes with municipal or “city” water can also be susceptible to contaminants that enter the water after it leaves the water plant.

Treating and removing contaminants is often a process that involves chemicals. But, did you know ultra-violet or UV filtration is a chemical free alternative? UV filters make use of the power of ultra-violet light to disinfect water and make it free from any bacteria or viruses. UV is a clean, natural technology that produces no wastewater and adds no undesirable by-products to the water you drink and bathe in.

With any water treatment solution, homeowners should weigh the pros and cons of each option to find the best solution for their family and home. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of UV filtration.

The Pros

  • Energy Efficient- This method uses wattage similar to a normal lightbulb making the use of energy relatively cost effective.
  • Chemical-Free- The UV light is the only element used, thus eliminating the use of chemicals to treat the water. Taste and color are unaffected.
  • Quick to Clean- The purification process is fast and thus you get water instantly.
  • Safe to Use- UV light exposure is linked to skin cancer, but when used with water filtration the process is completed in a closed container.
  • Easy to Maintain- Requires only a replacement lightbulb each year and standard filter replacement.

The Cons

  • Requires Electricity- The system requires electricity to work, so access must be near electrical supply. If the electricity supply is out or not available then there is no access to clean water.
  • Does Not Remove All Impurities- A UV filter will remove bacteria and viruses but is not effective on dissolved impurities such as rust, pesticides, fluoride, arsenic, etc. Moreover, they are not effective on muddy water. Chemical treatment may still be required after the UV filtration is complete.

A UV filtration system is a good option when used with a water treatment system that cleans the water prior to treatment. Water first passes through a basic filtration system and then the viruses and bacteria are treated in the UV water filter.

Trust a reputable water treatment provider to assess your situation and offer the best fit for your home. PURA® ultraviolet systems are available for whole house and under the sink point of use applications. Pura systems incorporate sediment and carbon pre-filters and are reliable and affordable complete whole house filtration systems.

UV filtration

Is UV Filtration right for you?

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