Save Money and Prevent Emergencies with Preventative Plumbing Service in Annapolis

With the colder winter months almost here, now is a great time to consider having a preventative plumbing check performed on your home by one of our qualified plumbers in Annapolis. There are numerous things that can and do go wrong as temperatures plummet outside. The last thing you want to come home to after a long day at work is a flooded basement or yard from a burst water line that froze. Other types of problems can also lead to hassles and costly repairs, down the road, if ignored.


You can even perform your own pre-check of various areas of your home before scheduling service, as well as help prevent clogged pipes using these tips:

  • Look and listen for slowly dripping faucets. Small water leaks can gradually become bigger, not to mention they impact your water bills.
  • Check underneath sinks for dampness, water, or water stains. Water in this location indicates a problem with the drain pipes.
  • Inspect around the base of the toilet for dampness and moisture, as well as underneath the toilet’s water tank. TIP: Do not perform this check after taking a hot shower or bath, as the humidity in the air will create condensation and make it appear like there is a plumbing problem.
  • Check how fast water drains. Turn the faucet all the way on for this test. The water should drain away fairly quickly. However, if you notice the sink starting to back up, it often indicates the start of a clogged pipe.
  • Remove and clean the screens/aerators on your faucets. The screens can become blocked and prevent water from flowing out correctly. For severely blocked screens, this can cause back-pressure on the pipes and lead to excess pressure on the plumbing lines leading to leaks, cracks, and even bursts.
  • Inspect pipes in the basement or under the home to ensure they are properly insulated from cold weather.
  • Install screens over sink, bathtub, and shower drains. The screens will help prevent hair, food particles, and other small objects from getting trapped in the pipes and creating blockages.
  • Never pour grease, fat, shortening, or oil down your drains. These liquids can solidify when they come into contact with cold water and cold pipes.
  • Always use cold water when running a garbage disposal. Never put items down the disposal it is not designed to break down, like potato peelings, bones, solid chunks of fat, and so on.
  • Replace the rubber hoses on your washing machine and dishwasher every few years to avoid unexpected blow-outs, which is common as the rubber starts to deteriorate over time.


If you notice any problems or issues, make sure to let your plumber know when you schedule your preventative checkup. If you are not entirely sure how to perform pre-checks, don’t worry, as your plumber will do them for you, too.

For more tips to keep your pipes clean or to schedule preventive plumbing service, please feel free to call the Annapolis plumbers at Hague Quality Water of Maryland today at (410) 757-2992.

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