The New Clean Water Act Ruling Could Impact Your Drinking Water

The recent amendments to the Clean Water Act that have come into effect under the President’s administration narrow the definition of what constitutes as “waters of the United States.” Practically, this removes federal protection from many water sources and means that states have less authority when authorizing projects such as pipelines and other energy projects that can potentially contaminate water sources.

Typically, when considering energy projects like pipelines and dams, states do a thorough evaluation of potential environmental impact. Governments look at possible damage to water quality, pollution, and climate change.

The changes to the Clean Water Act essentially give the state a one-year deadline for granting permits to such projects. This timeline shortens the decision-making process and may not give states enough time to evaluate how much damage an energy project may do to the environment.

Predictably, large conglomerates such as the American Gas Association have praised these developments, scorning the objections of those who see it as an infringement on states’ rights to protect their water sources.

How does this influence Maryland drinking water?

If energy projects are pushed through more quickly as a result of the new rulings, this may have serious consequences for drinking water quality. The changes to the Clean Water Act remove protections for waterways meant for agriculture and domestic use.

Experts fear that this new ruling could specifically impact the 64,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay watershed, especially in Delaware, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. as these states lack strong legislation to protect waters. Additionally, the wetlands in the watershed act as a safeguard against water pollution and help prevent floods and storm surges; however, the new regulations of the Clean Water Act could harm the entire watershed which touches six states and the District of Columbia.

If lawsuits from various states do not succeed in reversing the changes to the Clean Water Act, it may lead to a nationwide impact on drinking water quality.

As it is, many sources of drinking water are under threat of pollution from dangerous chemicals and toxic metals that increase the risk of cancer, congenital disabilities, and neurological damage. Any reduced safety standards could pose a considerable threat to at-risk groups.

City water treatment facilities may not be able to cope

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) provides city residents with clean tap water that is suitable for drinking, showering, and domestic use. All water undergoes a multi-stage process, including filtration and disinfection, before being piped to residential areas.

Nevertheless, sometimes this process is not enough, as cases of water contamination surface in the media from time to time. With the removal of state authority to veto or halt environmentally risky energy projects, these cases might become more frequent, leading people to mistrust the quality of the water that comes out of their tap.

Many people will resort to buying bottled water for drinking, but this doesn’t eliminate the danger of exposure to contaminated water in the shower, washing cars, or cleaning around the house.

Don’t compromise on your health and safety

With the concerning new amendments to the Clean Water Act, there is no better time than now to give yourself additional protection. Investing in a water treatment system will ensure your water is safe. It will grant you better control over your family’s health and safety, even if natural waterways suffer from environmental damage due to poor regulation.

The Hague WaterMax® BEQ offers an effective and reliable water filtration system that gives you safer, cleaner, better-tasting water that is good for your health and home. With our filtration system, you can forget about the taste of chlorine in your water, sediments, and hard water that may cause buildups in your pipes and appliances.

You will be able to drink high-quality water straight out of the tap, no longer concerning yourself with buying bottled water or cleaning supplies that battle hard water residue. With a 25-year Manufacturer’s Limited warranty, you can invest in our system with confidence.

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