The Top Five Things You Need to Know About Water Filtration


Bottled vs. Filtered Water

There has been much debate about the quality of water you get right out of the tap. This debate fueled the bottled water industry and paved the way for people to pay for water in plastic bottles. However, in recent years, people are starting to understand drinking bottled water from plastic bottles is just as questionable as drinking water right from the faucet.


The most effective way to ensure you are drinking safe water is to use a water filter. In order to select the most appropriate water filtration for your home or business, you should know a few things, including:

  1. What types of contaminants do you need to remove? First, you need to know what is in your drinking water. You cannot choose the best water filter if you have no idea what exactly is in the water. Before you even start looking at water filtration systems and solutions, you need to get your water tested by a professional, like from us, here at Hague Water of MD.
  2. What filtration method will work the best? There are several different methods used to filter water and remove contaminants, such as reverse osmosis water systems, carbon filters, multi-stage filtration, and more. Other filtration systems also remove lead, iron, and other minerals from the water. In addition, it depends on whether you need a well water filtration system or a “city” water filtration system.
  3. How much does a water filtration system cost? The cost of filtration systems depends upon several factors, among them what your objectives are and what you want filtered out of your drinking water. Keep in mind, each person’s needs can be different, so the costs for systems can and do vary.
  4. How hard is it to maintain the filtration system? Some systems have automatic cleaning cycles and only require annual maintenance. Others require more frequent maintenance and upkeep. Make sure to ask what maintenance your system will require and how often. In some cases, investing more into a more advanced system upfront could save you money in the long run if it requires less maintenance.
  5. Water filtration systems will not address hard water problems. Some people assume filtering their water will take care of hard water. Other people assume getting a water softener system installed will also filter their water. In both cases, this is not correct. A water softener addresses problems with hard water, while a filtration system removes impurities and contaminants.

In order to select the best water filtration solution, you need to have your water tested and use the test results to have a system custom designed for your home or business. Contact Hague Water of MD at (410) 757-2992 or (410) 213-2380 to arrange getting your water tested and to discuss your water filtration and softening needs.


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