Why is My Water Cloudy?

You may be worried if you fill a glass of water and see that it’s cloudy rather than clear. You might be thinking there is something wrong with your water supply, or that it’s not safe to drink. In most cases, cloudiness is perfectly normal and there is nothing to be concerned about. However, it’s always worth checking in with your local water treatment professionals. Taking the time to contact a water specialist is no different than visiting a doctor when you have troublesome aches and pains. It’s better to speak to someone knowledgeable if something doesn’t seem right. Water treatment experts can answer your questions, discuss options for water treatment, and give you peace of mind.

What Causes Cloudy Water?

Cloudy water is typically caused by air bubbles that form in well water and public water systems. More than likely, there is a tiny hole in your pipes that is letting air inside, causing these bubbles to show up in your water and give it a milky or cloudy appearance. It could also be caused by a high level of pressure due to cold temperatures outside. As water temperatures drop, the solubility of air in your water supply increases. Essentially, cold water can retain a higher amount of air. Gases develop in water with increased pressurization; when the air is no longer under pressure as it comes out of your faucet, bubbles are released in your glass of water.

Water can also appear cloudy when it’s hot outside. It all comes down to physics: high heat can cause added pressure too, which in turn adds extra air into the water.

What Can I Do to Fix It?

Although cloudy water might look worrisome, there is usually nothing harmful about it. Pressurization in water is a natural event, and a small amount of pressure in your pipes is actually needed to transport it to your home. If you let the water sit for a few seconds after filling a glass, it should become clear again. The gases in water will evaporate on their own, thus eliminating the bubbles from the water. Then you can get back to enjoying the water you love without the stress of worrying about whether or not it is safe to drink.

What to Do If You’re Still Worried

What if you let your water sit, and it’s still cloudy? Although this is rare, it can happen. In this scenario, it’s a good idea to contact us at Hague Quality Water of Maryland. Water that remains cloudy could indicate that there are miniscule sedimentary particles in your water like specks of dirt, sand or rocks. Don’t worry: we can help you resolve this issue right away so you can get back to drinking water that you trust. Even if your water clears up and you still believe there is something wrong with your supply, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Our experts can speak to you about all the water treatment options we offer. Water softeners and water filtration systems create healthy, refreshing drinking water, limit soap residue, make your dishes cleaner, and save you plenty of money in the long run. If you receive your water from a metropolitan area such as the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) in Prince George’s and Montgomery County, the Hague WaterMax® City Water Filtration System is a highly efficient solution. Many of our clients select WaterMax® filtration to treat complex problems such as an unpleasant chlorine taste, sedimentation and hard water.

If you would like to learn more about water systems and safe drinking water, the CDC is also an excellent resource. In addition to installing water filtration systems, staying informed is highly important to protect yourself and your loved ones. You deserve great drinking water free from contaminants and harmful microorganisms, and at Hague Quality Water of Maryland we recognize just how essential this is. We are here to assist you with every step along the way.

Hague Quality Water of Maryland Can Help

If you are concerned about the quality and contents of your water, we are here to help with your water improvement projects. Whether you need the Hague WaterMax® System or additional filtration beyond that, our team cares deeply about the health and safety of your family. We offer a convenient mail-in water testing kit for conducting a complete water test at home. If you’d prefer to drop off samples, you can also do so easily. For additional assistance, call Hague Quality Water of Maryland at 410-757-2992.

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