Why You Need a Water Leak Sensor

If you’ve never experienced a plumbing leak before, then count yourself lucky. Water damage is a common issue for homeowners. Insurance companies report that water damage claims are 3 times more likely than theft and fire claims combined. The plumbing in your home is vulnerable to damage from leaks, cracks and loose connections no matter the age of your home. 

Water Leaks Can Happen Anywhere

Often, the idea of water damage brings to mind an image of a flooded basement. Other rooms in your home, like the laundry, kitchens and bathrooms are susceptible to water problems. For example, cracked pipes and clogged toilets are both common sources of leaks. 

Invest In a Battery Backup For Your Sump Pump

In your basement or the lowest area of your home, one way to prevent flooding is a sump pump. A sump pump works to send water away from your home, thus eliminating moisture and preventing flooding.  It’s a good idea to have your sump pump powered by electricity and a battery backup. Most often flooding occurs during heavy rain storms that can also cut off electricity service to your home for a period of time. A battery backup will keep your sump pump running long after the power goes out and is a good investment to keep your home dry.

Why You Need a Leak Sensor

A water leak sensor is a second option to identify water in your home before it causes serious damage. Sensors can be used just about anywhere in your home. Installing a sensor can safeguard your home and give you peace of mind. 

A water leak sensor is a device set to notice irregular flow or moisture and turn off the water supply. Imagine your second story washing machine started to leak while you were out of the house. You could arrive home to water in your laundry area and possible ceiling damage and leaks to the floor below in addition to a broken washing machine. With a water leak sensor, the water leak would be minimal and cause much less damage to your home.

Even better, new technologies can connect your water leak sensor to an app on your phone, tablet or smart watch. There are many options available to purchase. It’s a good idea to consult a trusted plumbing professional before purchasing and installing a leak sensor. The plumbing team at Hague Quality Water of Maryland can guide you through the decision making process and make recommendations for the location of your sensor.

Leak sensors provide information to homeowners about:

  • Temperature and excessive humidity
  • Automatic shut off modes
  • Unusual water usage
  • Slow drips
Real-time leak detection on a smart phone.

The Flo water sensor by Moen is a versatile option for any location in your home. This particular sensor is top rated for performance and cost. It’s compact design fits in tight spaces, and it can work alone or connected to a main water shut off sensor. For busy families, the Moen Flo has customizable settings and sends real time alerts via a mobile app.

Don’t wait for an emergency. Make sure your home is protected with a battery backup sump pump and water leak sensors. For more information, contact Hague Quality Water of Maryland at (410) 757-2992.

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