Why You Should Upgrade Your Home’s Water Treatment System

Selecting the right water treatment system is vital for your health and comfort. Water contaminated with heavy metals, pathogens, and other dangerous contaminants could be hazardous for your health. Even something as common as hard water, which affects millions of people each year, can irritate your skin and turn your hair brittle.

That’s why so many people have installed whole home water filtration systems. These systems can soften water and remove dangerous contaminants, including viruses and heavy metals. Unfortunately,  many people are using old, outdated whole-home filtration systems that they installed years ago.

If you are using an older water filtration or softening system, it might be time to upgrade.

Water Filtration Technology Continues to Improve

It’s essential to upgrade your water filtration system from time to time. Think about how much computers have evolved over the years. The laptop you might have lying around the house is probably more powerful than most supercomputers 20 years ago.

Water treatment technology has changed over the years as well. Most home water treatment companies provide the best possible product with the given technology of the time. The water filtration system you bought 10 or 20 years ago may have been cutting edge at the time but today it is likely outdated.

As time passes, technologies continue to improve. The water filtration systems available today may utilize new and improved technologies that are more advanced than the technologies available twenty years ago. 

Let’s take a look at reverse osmosis water treatment systems.

Better Technologies Improve Water Quality

A reverse osmosis treatment system forces water through a semipermeable membrane. The reverse osmosis membrane has very, very fine pores. Only tiny molecules, like H20, can easily pass through. Larger things, like viruses and bacteria, can’t fit through the pores, so they’re filtered out.

A modern reverse osmosis filtration system can improve your health, extend the life of your appliances, and deliver other benefits. When combined with a modern water treatment system, like the Hague WaterMax® BEQ, your home will have the highest quality water with efficient filtration. 

Just like reverse osmosis systems, other water filtration systems for your home have evolved and improved over time. You can rest assured with the right water treatment system from Hague Quality Water of MD, you will receive high quality fresh and filtered water throughout your home. 

The Right Whole Home Water Treatment System Can Save You Money

A modern, cutting-edge whole-home filtration system may be able to filter out ever smaller particles while also lasting longer before requiring a filter change or other maintenance. This will help you save costs.

Further, as your outdated water system struggles to filter water and requires increasing maintenance work, you might be tempted use bottled water. While you may be able to depend on getting filtered water from bottled water, the costs of buying bottled water can significantly increase over time and the quality is reduced.

Not only will you be spending more money on bottled water, but your water treatment system will no longer be serving the purpose you intended when installing the system in your home. 

By upgrading to a new water filtration system, you’ll enjoy better-tasting water and may not have to spend as much time and money on maintenance.

Contact Hague Quality Water of MD Today

If you have an older, outdated filtration system, then it’s time to upgrade. You won’t just be enhancing the filtration system. You could also end up saving money and improving your health.

By upgrading to a whole house filter like the Hague WaterMax® BEQ, you can expect efficiency and great tasting water throughout your home. Take the first step and update your home filtration system today by calling Hague Quality Water of MD. We can be reached at (410) 757-2992 or you can get started with an online estimate

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