Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Softener

Water softeners are amazing devices, making your water easier to use for cleaning purposes and preventing it from leaving mineral deposits that clog devices and cause unsightly buildup on tubs, sinks, and tile.

Like any other device, water softening systems deteriorate over time and eventually need to be replaced. Many homeowners fail to realize that their aging water softening systems need replacement, and as a result they lose the full benefit of these devices as wear and tear over the years diminishes their effectiveness.


Homeowners with water softening systems can ensure they get the most from their devices and ensure they have a supply of quality water by recognizing the signs that their system needs replacement:

  • Bad tasting water – If your water develops a bad taste, it is likely a sign that your water softener needs replacement. Bad tasting water may indicate that your water softener is no longer weeding out minerals and other matter.
  • Visible hard water spots – If you begin to see spots on your glassware or on your shower door, and you haven’t seen these spots before, chances are your water softener is no longer functioning properly. Buildup of scale is a key indicator that hard water is present.
  • Changes in water pressure – If you notice a change in your water pressure, this can be an indicator that your water softening system is not working. A build-up of calcium or other minerals that may occur when hard water runs through pipes can reduce your water pressure.
  • It just feels different – Anyone who has ever has transitioned from hard water to water treated by a water softener knows the difference between hard and soft water. Soft water helps form soap lather more easily, and feels lighter and more pleasant than hard water. If your water just doesn’t feel like soft water any more, it may be time to service or replace your water softening system.
  • Too much salt – Older model water softeners relied upon salt to accomplish their task. While this was effective, it required homeowners to regularly monitor the salt levels in their devices and resupply it with salt. Newer devices don’t rely on salt, and use lightweight cartridges instead. These devices are typically more durable than older models and last much longer.


If you’re concerned that your water softening system needs replacement, contacting a water treatment company can provide you with expert advice on your needs. Water treatment experts can analyze your water and develop a cost-effective solution to provide clear and clean water for your home. Homeowners who have recently purchased a well-established home would do well to set up a consultation, as water treatment devices in the home may be outdated or no longer functioning.

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