High Performance: WaterMax®

Comprehensive SolutionWater Softening for Your Home

The WaterMax® is a premier water softener. The Hague name means your water treatment has more than 50 years of engineering and science behind it!

Say hello to soft water. Fully customizable and designed with precision, the WaterMax® is utility-friendly and gets you fresher, soft water from every tap in your home, every time.

Beyond cleaner dishes, softer clothes, reduced scale on plumbing, and longer lasting appliances, the WaterMax® delivers many additional features that save energy, time, and money. From computerized, fully-customizable controls to the ease of a built-in dirt and sediment filter, the WaterMax® provides years of worry-free water treatment.

The state-of-the-art Hague WaterMax® comprehensive water conditioning system has a variety of unique features!


  • The WaterMax® system uses a multi-compartment media tank. This allows us to put different kinds of media—that stuff that takes out the contaminants out of your water—in a single tank. Did you know a single WaterMax® water conditioner can do the job of 4 or more pieces of equipment another company might offer? That amounts to more space for you and less for water treatment.
  • The WaterMax® boasts a 25-year Manufacturer’s Limited warranty, the best in the industry.
  • The WaterMax® monitors your water consumption and uses only the necessary water and salt in the backwash/regeneration phase. Thus, saving on salt and water consumption.

Some of the WaterMax’s ® other features:


  • The WaterMax® uses high capacity fine mesh water softener resin in packed beds—unique in the industry. This provides far greater surface area for contaminant removal and prevents ‘channeling’, where only a fraction of the media actually contacts the water for contaminant removal .
  • The WaterMax® regenerates from the bottom up, not top down like most old fashioned water softeners! This allows regeneration of the water softener resin (restoring its cleaning abilities) using clean, soft water. Regeneration can take up to 80% less time, using 50% less regenerant, and up to 80% less water.
  • Integrated, self-cleaning 20 µ sediment filter eliminates the need for yet another piece of equipment and on-going maintenance. 1” valve porting and 1 ¼” distribution tube provide for high flow and minimal pressure drop.
  • Integrated, self-cleaning bacteriostat inhibits bacteria growth in the water softener resin bed.

The HAGUE WaterMax®

Our customized, patented, whole house water treatment systems, including a full line of water filters, water softeners, water conditioners, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems represent over 50 years of engineering expertise. It’s easy to see how WaterMax®, the best water softener, is the right solution for well and city water.

There are so many features that may be specific to only your water! Call us for a Free Water Analysis and let us explain how we can help, 888-84-WATER.

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Best Water Softener: The HAGUE WaterMax®