Buying A Home With Well Water

Buying a Home with Well Water

If you are buying a home with well water, then understanding your home’s water quality is critical. In fact, many real estate transactions require a water test as part of the purchasing process. Whether you are considering a move or have already purchased a home with well water, contacting a water treatment provider like Hague Quality Water of Maryland is a great first step. A water treatment company can test your water for pH, iron and other contaminants and review the water treatment systems in your new home. 

If you have well water and no water treatment system is installed, you’ll want to invest in a system to treat your water. Water treatment systems are available at varying prices and will save you money over time. Water treatment systems are a perfect for water but they also work to remove harmful contaminants. The results of a water test and your water usage habits will determine the best system to treat your well water. The Hague WaterMax® is a popular option for whole house water treatment to soften hard well water and remove many common contaminants like iron, other heavy metals and microorganisms.

Maintaining Your Well

Once you are settled, the water treatment system and your well require regular maintenance. The real estate experts at Redfin recently shared their top 5 tips for maintaining a home with well water with us:

  1. Test your well water annually
  2. Get your well water system inspected each year
  3. Evaluate your water softener
  4. Prevent hard water stains
  5. Keep your well water tasting and smelling fresh

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What’s Next?

If you experience problems with your well water, contact your local water treatment company for a well water test. A trusted water treatment professional can correctly assess your problems and determine how to correct them. For more information, call Hague Quality Water of Maryland at (410) 757-2992.

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