Do You Know When To Hire A Water Treatment Professional?

There are many options and resources for DIY projects these days so it makes sense to hear about homeowners taking on major projects themselves. Saving money along the way makes the reward of completing a project even sweeter. From products to tools to installation, understanding all the pieces of the project will help you discover if the savings reaped today are worth it in the end. Particularly, for appliances such as water treatment systems that affect your whole home, it may be worth the upfront investment to hire a professional. Keep reading to find out why.

Water Tests are Best Left to the Experts

Testing your home’s water is simple, right? A common misconception is that water tests are as simple as checking the pH. Water testing, in fact, comprises a much larger scope. Testing the pH level is a great place to begin understanding your water but it’s not the entire picture of your water. Other elements and contaminants, some of which are undetectable by smell or taste, may be contributing to your water problem.

Water testing experts can identify problems such as high levels of chlorine, iron, arsenic, and more. It pays to have a detailed water test to determine what type of filtration system will resolve your water problems. Knowing what is in your water is a critical piece of information to consider when selecting the right water treatment solution. Particularly in Maryland, water testing experts like those at Hague Quality Water of Maryland look for elevated levels of arsenic, lead, and radon.

The Right Fit with the Right Equipment

The internet is a wonderful and vast source of information. Researching and shopping for a home appliance from your couch certainly beats wading through weekend crowds at a retail outlet. Big box home improvement stores sell water treatment systems and most are available to purchase online. Even so, these stores do not specialize in water treatment.

Big box stores are just that; warehouse-like outlets to purchase a wide variety of home improvement items at competitive prices. They are not water treatment or water equipment experts. They are also not certified water quality testers. The certified experts at your local water treatment company provide the most accurate testing and the best recommendations for water equipment. A water treatment company will find out what your home and family needs from a water treatment system because one size does not fit all!

Even if you decide to skip the big box home improvement stores and shop at an online retailer, you still are not benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of a water treatment specialist. There are many options for equipment based on your home’s water chemistry, water usage and space. Online retailers aren’t privy to that information. Furthermore, the information on a website may not be complete. Unless you just received certified water professional certificate, a water treatment company is your best choice for selecting the right equipment.

Installation or Aggravation?

Water softener installation is a complex job best performed by a qualified, trained and licensed professional. Certified water professionals complete thorough training to understand the nuances of proper installation. Sure, you can watch a few videos online to learn about the process but the installation techniques can vary based on the type of system and location of the system. Installing a water treatment system may even involve cutting pipes to align your water softener and water supply lines. Moreover, improper installation can void your water softener warranty, degrade the efficiency of the unit, or even result in harm to your home.

So, even if you are dead set on purchasing your water treatment solution independently it’s recommended to hire a professional for the installation. Hiring a professional will save you time and may eliminate future problems with the equipment.

What About a Warranty?

The warranty on a water treatment system is an important piece of the picture when considering purchase and installation. This is a major investment in your home and you will want to ensure the equipment will last or the warranty will provide a safety net for unexpected problems. Hague Quality Water systems carry one of the best warranties in the business. Most Hague products carry a 25-year warranty, in fact.

When it relates to warranties, proper installation is crucial. Improper installation can void your water softener warranty, leaving you with additional repairs or replacement expenses.

Let’s review. Professional water treatment experts provide comprehensive services to deliver the best water treatment options for your home. Relying on the experts will:

  • Avoid future headaches
  • Ensure the product solves all your water problems
  • Maintain the product warranty

Smell, Taste, See and Experience the difference of treated water. Contact a water expert today to find out what’s in your water! Request more information or call Hague Quality Water of MD at (410) 757-2992.

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