How to Manage Your Well in a Drought

Maintaining a private well throughout all of the seasons of the year is important, as it will give your family water that is clean, fresh and safe to drink. During a period of drought, it can be harder to properly care for your private well, as the groundwater supply decreases. Groundwater accounts for about 30% of the fresh water on the planet, and it is brought to the surface through springs and private wells like yours. During periods of drought in Maryland, there can be immediate impacts and more serious consequences the longer the drought period.

At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, we work with well owners to help them maintain their wells and provide a high drinking water standard. From water testing to knowing exactly what your water contains to well pump service and repair, we can ensure that you have the well services you need. Whether you are overdue for an inspection of your well appliances or you are concerned about the potential for drought impacting your well, we have solutions for you.

Understand Why Water Levels Change

Water levels and groundwater supplies in your area could change for a variety of reasons, including seasonal variations, pumping and drought. For example, if private wells in your area are pumping faster than the aquifer refills with water through rain or underground flow, the water levels in your well could be lower. If your pump is in need of repair or service, you could also be experiencing inconsistent water levels.

Unfortunately, once rain starts falling again the water levels will not be immediately improved. Instead, your private well will probably need multiple deep, soaking rains to penetrate the ground and ensure that groundwater is flowing properly again. This is why after a drought it can take months for your private well to get back to normal, and why managing your water carefully is so important. At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, we can assist homeowners who need to learn how to manage their wells during a drought and who want to ensure that their private wells and well pumps are in excellent condition through regular service and maintenance. Beyond our repair and maintenance services, we also offer treatment and filtration options that can improve water quality.

What Should You Do to Manage Your Well in a Drought?

Managing your water wisely and properly maintaining your well, with help from Hague Quality Water of Maryland, are two ways to help manage your well in a drought. There are some steps you can take now to prepare.

  • Measure the Water Levels

Make sure that you know how much water is in your well during a drought period in order to properly manage the supply. Check the paperwork for your well to ensure you know its size. When you work with Hague Quality Water of Maryland, your water treatment specialist can also tell you the size of your well. If you would like a do-it-yourself approach, use this sheet to measure the water levels in your well and determine the static water level. 

  • Manage Your Water

If your private well does not have a large yield, you should be even more cautious about water consumption during a drought. If your well yields five gallons or less per minute, you should avoid putting too much demand on it. The Water Systems Council provides information about determining the yield if you do not know the yield of your well. Spread out activities that use water in your home over the week, like taking showers and washing your clothes on different days. Use efficient plumbing fixtures and explain to your family the importance of not using too much water. Keeping your well pump and well in good repair are also important to avoid wasting water unnecessarily. Hague Quality Water of Maryland can visit your home and check that your well pump is in excellent condition.

  • Use Water Storage

Adding water storage or properly using your water storage will allow more pumping capacity even during periods of drought. Water storage tanks can also prolong the lifespan of well pumps because the pumps will not need to cycle as frequently, which causes wear and tear. When well capacity is very low, you might need to use a two-pump system that will move water to a storage tank and then use a second pump to push water from the atmospheric tank to the pressure tank. If you are concerned about having insufficient storage for your well, contact the professionals at Hague Quality Water of Maryland to determine the best way forward. No two wells are identical, so different solutions are right for different people.

At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, we are professionals at repairing and maintaining private well pumps so that they remain functional in drought and throughout the year.

Keep Your Well Pump in Excellent Condition with Hague Quality Water of Maryland

If you are concerned about the quality of your well water, or if your well pump is not functioning properly, Hague Quality Water of Maryland is here to help. Hague provides well pump service and repair throughout Maryland and will have your system running smoothly in no time. Our team also provides routine maintenance, which is the best way to avoid malfunctions with your well pump. For additional assistance, call Hague Quality Water of Maryland at (410) 757-2992. 

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