Is it time for a new Sanitary Water Proof Well Cap?

With 2+ Feet of snow on the ground this week, and several run ins with some nasty critters in wells, I’m going to take a minute to talk about upgrading your well cap.  If you have an older home your well cap probably looks something like this:

Old Style Well Cap


It may be all PVC, and prettier, but the style of head is what i’m really referring to.  It has a solid cap that is tightened to the well casing. This style of cap (silver portion) is not water tight or bug free, as you can see below.  This is a cap I recently inspected in Cape Saint Claire, MD.  The underside of the cap had spiders and bugs nested within.  They had gained access from the seams and the electrical conduit line.

Crazy Critters

So whats the answer?

Water Proof / Sanitary Well caps.  These caps have a gasket that forms a seal on the casing to prevent water intrusion during heavy snow and flooding, they can also be sealed to prevent bugs from crawling in and contaminating your water supply

 Sanitary Well Cap


Water proof well cap

If You are handy and comfortable working with electricity and plumbing, you could probably replace the cap for around $50-60 in parts.  If you would rather turn to the pros, were here to help. Give us a call 410-757-2992

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