Four Ways Spring Plumbing Can Improve Your Home

During the Spring season, there are areas of your home that may need a little extra attention. It’s the perfect time for an inspection of your home’s plumbing. This spring plumbing checklist will get you started!

spring plumbing checklist

Well Testing
Well owners should test their water annually, at a minimum, for bacteria, nitrates and other contaminants. More frequent testing is recommended if there is a change in the taste, odor or appearance of the water. Furthermore, well tests are important part of monitoring the performance of water treatment equipment.

Backflow Testing
Backflow, simply put, is the mixing of clean drinking water with unsafe, contaminated water. To prevent the dangers associated with backflow, it’s recommended to install a backflow preventer (or check valve) and have it tested annually. A check valve permits water flow in only one direction preventing contamination.

Hose Bibs & Pier Lines
Spring is an ideal time to check hose bibs and pier lines for damage. Cold winters and icy conditions can damage spigots and pipes. An annual check for interior water damage and exterior hose bib leaks
may prevent larger plumbing problems in the future. At the same time, check the water lines on your pier for any winter damage. The change in temperature puts pressure on water lines and is a common source of water line damage.

Water Heater Tune-up
Spring is a perfect time to make sure your water heater is performing efficiently. Annual tune-ups will improve energy efficiency and may extend the life of the water heater. As a part of Hague’s water heater tune-up service, we will drain and flush the tank. Also, check the anode rod for signs of corrosion. Replacing the anode rod before it fails, can double the life of your water heater.

Download Your Spring Plumbing Checklist!spring plumbing checklist

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