Top 5 Reasons to Switch to a Bottleless Cooler

Chesapeake Cooler Company’s bottleless cooler solutions really are better:

  • Better than bottles
  • Better than tap
  • Better than bottle delivery

What makes water from a bottleless cooler better? It’s drinking water that’s good for you and good for the planet. Our water coolers to provide clean, crisp, healthy, refreshing, hydrating, and consistent quality water. Chesapeake Cooler Company trusts Wellsys to provide the best bottleless water coolers for our customers.

Same Taste, Every Day

Water comes with many unwanted tastes from its travels in our water systems. Algae, bacteria, and disinfectants are the primary culprits. In order to eliminate unwanted tastes, bottleless cooler filtration uses reverse osmosis to rid the water contaminants and sediments, and then adds minerals back into the water to give it a consistently, great taste. By using the same process in all coolers, your water will taste the same anyplace at any time.


Our water tastes great! We chose Wellsys bottleless coolers because they conducted taste-tests to ensure that it has just the right amount of minerals and electrolytes to make it taste crisp and fresh and be extra hydrating. Don’t just take our word for it. We offer a 7-day free trial for our bottleless coolers.

5 Stage Filtration

Water from our coolers travels through 5 state-of-the-art filters. The first filter, the sediment filter, removes particles such as dirt, silt, sand, rust and pipe residue from passing through to the next filter. The second step is the pre-carbon filter. The pre-carbon filter uses activated carbon to prevent anything larger than a spec of flour, or 1 micron, from passing through as well as attracting and bonding with positively charged ions to prevent chemical compounds, like chlorine and chloramines, from passing through to the third filter. The reverse osmosis membrane, the third filter, uses pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane removing all contaminants from the water including viruses, bacteria, pesticides, salts, and fluoride while reducing lead.

After traveling through these three filters, the water is free of any dissolved solids – both the harmful contaminants and the beneficial minerals, like calcium and magnesium. Now, the cooler’s filtration implements a proprietary BIO-SURE Plus Filter. This stage neutralizes damaged molecules, restores and adds minerals, enhances alkalinity and balances pH, and completes a final purification of the water. The final filter uses fine fibers and activated carbon to polish the water one last time before it is dispensed.


When you get a cooler from Chesapeake Cooler Company, you’re not only getting great-tasting mineral water, you’re also getting sustainability. Bottleless water coolers are an eco-friendly option for clean, great-tasting water

One of the major problems with bottled water is the plastic. Bottleless coolers can offer consistent, great-tasting water, all without the plastic bottle.


In addition to bottled water containing plastic, a recent study revealed that bottled water sold in several New England states was tainted with toxic chemicals known as poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, which may be linked to potential health issues like kidney cancer and thyroid disease. Without legally mandated testing for PFAS in bottled water and a large percentage of bottled water coming from municipal water supplies, consumers can’t be entirely sure that bottled water is a safer alternative to tap water. With a bottleless cooler, you can rest assured that your office drinking water will be chemical-free.

Try a bottleless cooler from Chesapeake Cooler Company to drink clean water, feel hydrated, and protect the environment. Visit our website to learn more about bottleless coolers from Chesapeake Cooler Company and see which water cooler is right for you!

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