What to Do When You Have a Well and Lose Power at Your Home

In Maryland, there are many things that might cause you to lose power at your home over the course of the year, from summer storms with torrential downpours to winter snowstorms with whipping winds. Whenever the electrical supply at your home is interrupted, your well pump will also be impacted as a result. Any homeowner that relies on a private well as their water source needs to be prepared for the potential consequences of losing power at any point during the year. Here’s how to get started with help from Hague Quality Water of Maryland.

What Happens When You Lose Power at Your Home

In your well, there is an electric pump that provides the pressure needed to take water out of the well and bring it into your home. Once you lose power, the pump will be unable to do its job. It’s important to note that you might be able to access the water in your well despite not having your power, which can trick homeowners into thinking that everything is fine. However, that is water held in the reservoir and not the same as the water from your well. If you continue using water during the power outage, you could deplete the reservoir, which could trigger the pressure switch on the electric well pump. Once the power returns it will stop your pump from working properly. Eventually, this can lead to a dry well.

How Can You Get Enough Water?

When you lose power at your home, it’s a good idea to use water from a bulk water retention tank that can be installed as a part of your well system. The retention tank will supply your home with water once the pump is no longer working. Instead of using electricity, these tanks use gravity to continue operating and provide you with enough water during a power outage. It’s a good idea to store at least one gallon per person per day for at least three days. This is in addition to storing extra water for household uses like flushing toilets. Hague Quality Water of Maryland can help you to determine the best type of storage for your home and family.

How Can You Stop Your Pump From Losing Power?

Another way to avoid running out of water is by using a gas or diesel-powered generator to keep your well pump running. Some homeowners already own generators to run appliances like the refrigerator, which may also be used to run a well pump. Installing a whole-house generator or having a back-up generator can help eliminate the stress that comes with worrying if your freezer, refrigerator and well will be negatively impacted due to the outage. Make sure that you size your generator carefully to ensure it won’t be too big or too small for the space and power needs.

Your Next Steps

If you aren’t able to install an extra power source or invest in an alternate water source, you should make sure that you have enough water in your home for a safe drinking water supply. You can purchase shelf-stable water at the grocery store or from survival stores. Make sure that you have one gallon per person per day for at least three days. When you know that there is a possibility for an outage, you can also fill your bathtub with water so that you can flush your toilet without using water from your well.

Once the power kicks back, you should let your tap water run for a few minutes to completely clear out the lines and make sure that fresh, clean water is flowing. Pay attention to the water as it starts to flow again to look for any signs of discoloration, a strange smell or other changes. When flooding leads to a power loss, you should wait before turning your well pump on again and fully disinfect the well before you start drinking the water. Hague Quality Water of Maryland is here to help you with any of your concerns and prepare you for what to do with your well if you lose power at your home.

Test and Treat Your Water with Hague Quality Water of Maryland

If you are concerned about the quality and contents of your water, we are here to help with your water improvement projects. Whether you need the Hague WaterMax® System or additional solutions, our team cares deeply about the health and safety of your family.  We offer a convenient mail-in water testing kit for conducting a complete water test at home. If you’d prefer to drop off samples, you can also do so easily. For additional assistance, call Hague Quality Water of Maryland at (410) 757-2992. 

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