What’s Your Water Problem?

Do you know what’s wrong with your water?

While most water troubles are best left to a water treatment expert to identify, you can get a head start of finding possible reasons for your water problems. Problem water usually has an unpleasant odor, looks dirty or discolored, or tastes different. Oftentimes, the feeling problem water leaves on your skin, hair and dishes is also an indicator of a problem. Some water problems are undetectable by human senses and may be a serious contamination issue. Contaminants such as Lead, Arsenic, Radon, Nitrates, and Chromium are only detectable with a water test.

Common Problem Water Smells:

  • Earthy or musty- iron bacteria
  • A fish tank- barium, cadmium, chloramines
  • Wet dog- bacteria or metal in pipes

Common Visual Water Problems:

  • Orange- corrosion or excess iron
  • Cloudy- high turbidity or air bubbles
  • Blue/Green- copper or algae

Taste Concerns for Problem Water:

  • Swimming pool- chlorine
  • Sweet- high iron or calcium
  • Metal- iron or manganese
  • Medicine or bitter- copper

Additional Problem Water Experiences:

  • Soap scum – hard water
  • Dry skin or hair – hard water
  • Faded laundry – hard water

The chart below is a quick reference for identifying the most common water problems. For a complete analysis of your water, it’s best to contact a water treatment specialist like Hague Quality Water of Maryland. Water treatment specialists are trained to test water for myriad contaminants and recommend the right solution to your water problems.

Problem Water Causes

Smell, Taste, See and Experience the difference of treated water. Contact a water expert to find out what’s in your water!

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