4 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Water Softener System

More than likely, you and your family have been enjoying all the many benefits of your water softener system. What’s not to love? Water softeners can solve so many tricky issues that can occur with your home water supply. Hard water can cause a build-up of minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water, so many homeowners opt for alternative water solutions.

Softened water can:

  • Save you money on soaps, detergents and cleansers
  • Lower water heating costs
  • Extend the lifespan of your water-focused appliances
  • Brighten your clothes
  • Give you smoother skin and healthier hair
  • Remove soap scum and water spots 

With that being said, perhaps you’ve had the same system for a long time now and you’re starting to wonder whether it’s time to upgrade your water softener. These systems are made to be durable, and they usually last for 10-15 years. Unfortunately, they will need to be replaced eventually. Even if your water softener is currently working well and you don’t anticipate a need for a replacement, it’s a good idea to be aware of the signs of an aging system. If you notice a few of these indicators in your home, it might be time to take the next step and contact your local water experts.

upgrade your water softener

1.     Your Soap Won’t Lather

When your water softening system starts losing its functionality, you might notice your soap will not lather well. The accumulation of calcium and magnesium deposits in hard water will also start to seep through your water supply and cause soap scum. This means you’ll be using additional soap whenever you go to wash dishes, bathe, or do laundry. You may also find you have to run to the store to pick up detergent sooner than normal.

2.     Your Water Doesn’t Taste as Good

If your water tastes different, you will probably notice straightaway. When you take a drink, does it seem off? Perhaps your water tastes like chemicals or smells peculiar. This may not mean you need a new softener: the filtering system could also be the problem, so take a look at your faucets to determine if there is any accumulation or mineral deposits. If this is the case, your water softener may need to be repaired or totally replaced.

3.     Your Laundry Feels Stiff and Coarse

Hard water will affect all of your appliances that use water. If you do your laundry and notice your clothes feel somewhat stiff or coarse when taken out of the washer, that could be a sign your softener is not operating like it should. Additionally, you may find that the same amount of detergent you’re using isn’t doing the job. While a fabric softener can mitigate the issue for a quick fix, taking a look at your water softener function would be the best option.

4.     Build-Up on Faucets and Pipes

When you go to clean your sinks or shower faucets, look closely. If your water softener needs to be serviced or replaced, calcium and magnesium deposits may be visible. They may appear chalky or filmy, and they may be tricky to scrub off. Again, this could be the filter, but it’s better to speak with a specialist to be sure. If you start noticing this on a frequent basis, it may be time to contact your local water professionals. They will be able to take an in-depth look at your water softener and determine your needs.

At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, we pride ourselves on honest, affordable, and timely service. While you should always take note of any changes to your water supply, don’t be too quick to self-diagnose the problem. After all, you don’t want to pay for a replacement if you don’t need one just yet. In a similar vein, you shouldn’t assume everything is fine either. Our experts will visit your home to understand the issue and discuss potential solutions with you and your family. Contact us today to get started.

Learn More about Soft Water with Hague Quality Water of Maryland

If you are concerned about hard water or the overall quality and contents of your water, or you’d like to learn more about water softening systems, we are here to help with your water improvement projects. Whether you need the Hague WaterMax® System or additional filtration beyond that, our team cares deeply about the health and safety of your family.  We can answer all your questions, and we offer a convenient mail-in water testing kit for conducting a complete water test at home. For additional assistance, call Hague Quality Water of Maryland at 410-757-2992.

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