Our Latest 5 Star Review From Kyle P

five_stars_pc_800_clr_5146We have a water system from Hague that is at least 18 years old, and has worked great during all of those years. As with all things, time caught up with it, and it failed right before the holiday! Our water has a LOT of iron in it, and when the system failed, the water instantly started staining everything, tub, toilets, sinks, laundry, you get the picture. Well I figured we were sunk, because our system was so old, and we would probably end up needing to install a new one. We started looking for “quick fixes”, and even thought of self installing a $500 “generic” system to get us through the holidays as cheap as possible, and worry about it later. A friend said just call Hague and see what they say. We told him it had been way too long, and our system was way too old, we just new it would be expensive, and besides that, its the day before Thanksgiving! After weighing our options, we figured he was right, it doesn’t hurt to ask. So I called, and I’m so sorry I forgot her name, but I talked to the very nice lady who listened to my issue, and quietly said, “let me see what we can do”. She shortly called me back and said she could get someone there later that afternoon! Incredible! The day before Thanksgiving! The tech showed up, made the complete rebuild/repair, an got us back to normal in about an hour. And the bill was just slightly more than the “quick fix” system we were going to gamble on! You can’t say enough about a company with service like that! I am so glad we called, and we are surely lifetime fans of HAGUE water! Thank you, thank you!

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