Why Water Treatment is Affordable

Whole house water treatment can seem like a big investment, but consider the savings and improvements from adding a system to your home. In most cases, water treatment is affordable when examining time, money and health over the long term.

Do you need water treatment for your home? For homeowners served by residential wells, the answer is an emphatic “yes.” For homeowners served by city or municipal water sources, whole house water treatment may seem to be an unnecessary luxury until you learn about the possible contaminants and benefits of treated water. News outlets regularly cover city water contamination and regional water quality reports provide a starting point for water problems in your area.

How can you afford not to treat your home’s water? In both situations, well water and municipal water, there are savings to be enjoyed from cleaner, treated water.

Water Treatment Pays For Itself

There are real savings reaped from a water treatment system installed in your home. Over time, the savings may actually meet or exceed the cost of a system. In fact, for the average family of four with hard water the yearly savings is over $1,200. The savings comes from a combination of less usage, reduced household supplies and removing the need for bottled water.

  1. Bottled Water: With a water treatment system there is no need for bottled water delivery or single use bottled water. You will have even better drinking water at your tap!
  2. Soaps: Hard water makes your soap work harder. It doesn’t lather and leaves you needing to use more soaps, shampoos and more. With soft water, soaps are more efficient and you will use less. You will need about 80% less detergent with soft water!
  3. Cleaning supplies: Hard water and water with iron and other contaminants can leave hard to remove soap scum and stains on your water using appliances and fixtures. Treated water addresses staining and buildup leaving you with less cleaning, less cleaning supplies used and more time!
  4. Water usage: Hot water usage will be more efficient with treated water. Minerals in hard water actually cause more build up in your water heater (scaling and residue). As a result, your water heater will be less efficient. It will run longer and use more power. A water treatment system can save this hard working appliance from inefficiencies, though you’ll want to flush the tank first of prior sediment and residue.
  5. Plumbing Appliances: Similar to water heaters, build up can be a problem in other water using appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, pipes, and even your coffee maker. Hardness and contaminants such as iron can wreak havoc on your appliances. Adding a water treatment system for your whole house allows clean water access from every source. This will extend the life of everyday water using appliances, saving money on repairs and replacements.

Healthy Water, Healthy You

To start, the eight glasses of water a day recommended by doctors will taste better! Even if your water doesn’t leave you with scale or inefficient appliances, there may be invisible contaminants. While harmful contaminants may not be detectable without a water test, there are both short term and long term health effects. Treating your water to remove harmful contaminants is an investment in your family’s health.

On a lighter note, treated water can improve your skin. You will experience less dryness and add more money to your pocket with the savings on moisturizers. Even more, your hair will be free of unwanted minerals that cause dryness, frizz and discoloration.

Making The Investment

Water treatment is a major household investment. That is exactly why water treatment companies like Hague Quality Water of Maryland offer options to make a whole house system affordable. Before choosing a water treatment system, research the warranty available. For example, Hague products carry a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and Hague Quality Water of Maryland offers a warranty on products and installation for the first year of ownership. A strong, long-term warranty can go a long way to providing you assurance that your unit will be working to provide your family great water for decades.

Once you have decided on a solution, ask about payment plans. Typically, companies will require a deposit to order and schedule a water treatment installation. Splitting the investment into two payments, however, may not work for your budget. You may consider working with an installer that offers deferred payment options. At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, options include 30, 60, or 90-days same as cash so you can make payments toward the balance while enjoying the benefits of treated water.

If cash is more limited, most companies will provide a referral for outside financing. Companies like Aqua Finance can be a quick way to secure financing for a new water treatment system. Home Equity loans and lines of credit are additional resources to consider and may even be a tax-deductible option for your investment (check with your tax advisor).

Get started on your path to savings and better water today with a free consultation from Hague Quality Water of Maryland.

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