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Water Neutralizer

Acid Neutralizer

The primary role of a neutralizer system is to raise the pH of water. If your water is too acidic, a neutralizer can bring the water’s pH to a more neutral level.

Acidic water can be a real problem for your home’s plumbing. It may cause corrosion of metal pipes, blue-green staining, dry hair and skin, and the leaching of metals (lead) into your water. The most common material to neutralize water is calcite. For very acidic water, a chemical feed system may be a better option. By neutralizing water, plumbing and related problems can be avoided.

Neutralize Your Water's pH Level

Anyone with acidic water can benefit from a pH neutralizer! These systems are especially important for people who rely on wells for their water supply.

How do you neutralize acidic water?

Calcite is a safe, easy to use, natural product consisting of approximately 95% calcium carbonate and 3% magnesium carbonate. When used in your neutralizer it will gently and effectively adjust the pH of your water and help minimize corrosion problems.

What does a water neutralizer do?

The pH of acidic water can be raised to a neutral range by the use of an acid neutralizer tank, which allows calcium carbonates to dissolve in the water. This eliminates the corrosive effect the water has on plumbing and fixtures with proper service.

A neutralizer treatment features:

Naturally occurring

Slower reacting for
controlled pH correction


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