Iron Removal Systems

Effective & Economical Iron Removal

The 2510AIO Chemical Free Iron filter is an effective and economical method of iron removal from water without the use of messy and dangerous chemicals or expensive pumps. Using a patented construction the 2510AIO valve creates an air bubble at the upper portion of the tank and oxidizes any ferrous iron prior to being filtered by the media. It can also remove low concentrations of dissolved hydrogen sulfide and manganese from water.

How does the 2510AIO Iron Removal filter work?

This filter adds oxygen to the incoming water by passing it through a bubble of compressed air. Next, the water passes through a special filter bed. The special media not only increases the pH of the water to enhance iron removal but also acts as a physical barrier to trap iron precipitate.

As more water passes through this iron filter, the unit uses up the oxygen, and the media loads with iron. In the next step, the regeneration process begins. This step replenishes the supply of oxygen and backwashes the precipitated iron trapped in the media bed. The iron removal efficiency is more effective with high pH water.

Finally, an inlet check valve on the filter prevents any air from flowing backwards out of the filter tank.

Iron Removal System Features:

  • 2510AIO Valve with SXT Control
  • User-friendly Electronics and Simple Serviceability
  • Adjustable Cycles
  • Day Override
  • Bypass Valve
  • Heavy Duty Mineral Tank
  • Inlet Check Valve

Iron Removal Regeneration Sequence:

The regeneration cycle goes through 4 steps.


  1. Backwash (minimum 30 psi inlet pressure required): During the backwash cycle, water flows upwards through the bed, expanding the media and carrying any precipitated iron trapped within it to the drain. The air is evacuated from the tank.
  2. Air Draw: Next, air is injected to oxidize the tank. With the new design, the filter pulls the air into the tank to perform the oxidation instead of pulling in the brine or any oxidizing chemical. The unit is replenished with a new bubble of air. During this step water will run to the drain. There is a delay at the start of the cycle while the pressure of the air within the tank reaches atmospheric pressure. During this time no air is drawn into the tank. Once the pressure has equalized you can usually hear the sound of air being drawn in to the unit.
  3. Rapid Rinse (minimum 30 psi inlet pressure required): During the rapid rinse cycle, the media bed is re-settled for the next service period and any small loose particles of iron or media are flushed to the drain.
  4. In-Service Position: In the last phase, the unit returns to the In-Service position. While this happens water continues to enter the tank, compressing the air into a bubble in the top of the tank. The actual size of the bubble will vary depending on the on-site conditions.


The 2510AIO valve requires annual maintenance and service of internal wear components including piston, seals and spacers. Please contact your local distributor for annual maintenance kits (Part# 61662).


The 2510AIO valve carries a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The mineral tank has a limited lifetime warranty. Please refer to the installation manual for more details.

Iron Removal Water Treatment: 2510AIO Chemical Free Iron Filter