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UV Water

UV Water Filtration Systems

You need water to survive, but how can you ensure the water you drink is safe? Contaminants like bacteria can infiltrate your home’s water sources from multiple sources. Installing a UV water filtration system to remove contaminants will give you peace of mind about your home’s water.

About PURA UV Water Filters

At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, we rely on PURA UV filters. The UV water filtration system is designed with you in mind. The products are lightweight, easy to use and simple to maintain. PURA filters will provide you with clean, disinfected drinking water for years to come. Further, the Pura UV20 provides bacteria protection and removes sediment. The filters use ultraviolet (UV) light to sterilize harmful bacteria in water without the use of chemicals.
Equally important, PURA UV filters provide:
The PUVA UV20 is ideal for removing bacteria as a whole house filter on city water or any other mostly sediment free water source. The system should be used with additional filters, which are installed in front of the UV unit, to remove sediment and other elements. In order for the light to reach all of the potential bacteria, the water must be free of elements, such as iron or calcium, that could cloud the water to avoid build up.


Your First Line of Defense for Water Disinfection

We have all seen the electromagnetic spectrum when looking at the colors of visible light from a rainbow in the sky after a rainstorm. UV used for Water Disinfection is invisible light with a frequency just below the visible spectrum. The germicidal wavelength or the frequency in the ultraviolet spectrum that best inactivates micro-organisms, mold spores and viral contaminants is centered on 254 nanometers (nm). This area is most commonly referred as UVC energy.
The germicidal energy of ultraviolet light at 254nm destroys illness-causing micro-organisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA). This powerful dose of UV light eliminates their ability to reproduce.Water is purified by running it through a watertight chamber that contains an ultraviolet lamp. As water flows past the ultraviolet lamp, microorganisms are exposed to a lethal dose of germicidal UV energy. 99.99 percent of those organisms, including E coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia, are destroyed. (see UV dose requirements).UV is a Safe and Proven MethodPurifying water with ultraviolet is a safe process, that does not add any chemicals, is environmentally-friendly, does not alter the taste or odor of your water, and is simple to maintain, only requiring replacement of your lamp annually.Only UV Fully Protects You From Bacteria and Viruses. Of the four primary modes of disinfection, only UV handles chlorine – resistant cysts, (Cryptosporidium and Giardia – cause gastrointestinal complications). Simple water filtration (in-line cartridges) are not effective against bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. Reverse Osmosis (R/O) is not recommended for water that is microbiologically unsafe.Incident Energies Required For Micro-Organisms DestructionThe average ultraviolet systems produces incident energies ranging from a minimum of 16,000 microwatt seconds per square centimeter (minimum dosage required by US Department of Heath) up to an average of 40,000 at rated flows. Therefore at rated flows, the UV Systems can provide up to a two to three time average safety margin. Please note that the higher the dosage, the better, as more microorganisms are eliminated. You cannot usually oversize an ultraviolet system – the higher the dosage, the better.
Testing yourself would not only be cost prohibitive, but the rule of thumb is to test for bacteria (well owners) at least once a year. Use a certified laboratory for this test – usually cost is around $25.00. Any positive test for bacteria should be a signal to install an ultraviolet system. Simple chlorination of the well is a temporary fix.As for people on city-managed water supplies, boil water advisories are becoming more common (usually well after the bacteria problem has been detected!) Such advisories are a clear warning that the clean water we have taken for granted in our taps is becoming a scarce resource.So why not take charge of the water in your home, and develop your own bacteria safe water plant by installing a UV System today!

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At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, it’s our people that set us apart! Our attitude, commitment to excellence and unending desire to always make Hague Quality Water of Maryland a better company, this is what makes us the leading water specialists in the Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington DC area. We bring this commitment to our full line of expert water treatment solutions.

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