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Sulfur Water

Sulfur in well water is a common problem.

The 800 Hague Iron Filter is the natural way to improve your water and remove sulfur!

Removing sulfur no longer requires harsh chemicals or complicated equipment. The 800 Iron Filter’s patented technology uses nature’s own oxidation process to eliminate sulfur.

How It Works

The 800 Iron Filter stores a “bubble” of air, compressed by your well pressure, within the media tank. As your water passes through the air, the sulfur is converted to a particle, which is then trapped by the catalytic filter media in the tank while the air “bubble” is gradually consumed by the passing water.

For regeneration, the unit first “backwashes” itself removing any sulfur particles it has trapped. Next, the system replenishes the “air bubble” by drawing in atmosphere temporarily emptying the tank of all water and transferring oxygen molecules into and on the surface of the media bed where all oxidation occurs. Finally, the system then returns to the “service” position, again filtering your water.

What is Sulfur? What are the effects of contaminated water?

Sulfur (Hydrogen Sulfide H2S)

Sulfur is a colorless gas which causes the unpleasant “rotten egg” odor, which is a common tainted water complaint. High levels of sulfur can lead to serious plumbing damage.

Read more about the health effects of sulfur in water.

Our Service Promise

At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, it’s our people that set us apart! Our attitude, commitment to excellence and unending desire to always make Hague Quality Water of Maryland a better company, this is what makes us the leading water specialists in the Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington DC area. We bring this commitment to our full line of expert water treatment solutions.

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