Do I Have Hard Water? If I Do, So What?

You probably have hard water whether you know it or not.  Fortunately, hardness is a rather simple thing to address with a Hague water conditioner.   Whether you have a well or you are a municipal water customer—oh yes, “city water” can be hard too, very hard—a Hague water conditioner or water softener can change your
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The Cost of Bad Well Water

While over 280 million Americans use city water for all of their plumbing needs, over 13 million Americans use private wells instead for their drinking water. Unlike households that use city water, the Environmental Protection Agency does not regulate private wells and the water will not be tested unless you are doing it yourself. Bad
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The Importance of Clean Water in Maryland

The importance of clean water in Maryland is something that truly goes without saying but, at the same time, it’s not something that many homeowners think much about. “My water looks nice and clear, so it must be clean and safe to drink.” If you’ve ever thought this, then you aren’t alone; this goes through
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